The Naked Mystic: Enjoying Each Other

Question, Naked mystic, How can my girlfriend and I just enjoy each other? The world seems to want each us to be happy and the happiness comes from possessions. We are told that we can meet the one, they are out there somewhere, a perfect  match. Now each of us knows many couples who are [Read More…]

Everyone has an opinion, I choose to not listen

One of the biggest lessons each of us will learn is this motto, “Everyone has a right to their opinion and I have right not to listen to it.”  I love this motto which I got from Joel Osteen.  When you live fully in your life and follow that inner voice you will be happy, [Read More…]

Greatness of Soul

                We are here to express the greatness of soul.  To express that greatness we first must understand the foundation of the soul.  The soul is everywhere present at the same time. There is no place where the soul is not.  This omnipresent energy is everywhere. To acknowledge [Read More…]