Heart Prayer

Where you are now, picture yourself breathing into your actual heart, and breathing out for a few minutes. Simply breath into the heart and breath out.  Simple breathing, just breath in and out. Move attention to your heart. And speak this prayer HEART PRAYER By David Matthew Brown Our Divine Heart which rests in heaven, [Read More…]


The Good News It would appear to most of us that if you are reading the newspapers, watching the news, listening to the radio, that everyone is talking about the bad news. There doesn’t seem to be any “good news”. Here and there is a story of someone who overcame their life situation to help [Read More…]


Yesterday I was writing something and wrote “unison”, which means: complete agreement, harmonizing exactly.  When I sat with it a little more, uni= one and son= son.  One son, it reminded me of the stories of Buddha and Jesus, which is the story of our lives. To live in complete agreement with the laws of [Read More…]

The Noble Eight Fold Path

Wisdom is wisdom. Enjoy this explanation on the “The Noble Eight Fold Path”. Love you The Noble Eight Fold Path   [Read more…]