Want to Shine Your Beauty?

Want to shine your beauty? Want to attract more? Want to attract love? Do these questions grab you? We live in a world that offers quick fixes, but none of it offers you the opportunity to just be you. What if the disclaimer said, “Don’t you yearn to just be yourself? Are you tired of [Read More…]

It’s Here, There, And Everywhere

I woke up this morning and went for hike up in the hills by Griffith Park Observatory. If you are ever in Los Angeles¬† I would recommend a trip over to Griffith Park Observatory.¬† There are wonderful trails that lead to the observatory and the views are breathtaking.¬† As I walked up the winding trail [Read More…]

Awareness Changes Everything

After you have been to workshops, read books, gone to motivational speakers, at some point you may realize that information is not knowledge. So where to start, because it is time for you to practice all the information you have memorized and allow it to live in you. Awareness is a wonderful key, in fact [Read More…]