Bruce Lee’s Philosophy

As I write my second book, I came across some lost interviews with Bruce Lee.  He was amazing and his philosophy resonates today.  Enjoy this short video of quotes and may they pick you up a little if you need a pick up or if you like quotes in general, either way, enjoy…   [Read more…]

My Friend Harvey.

It baffles me to hear that we still struggle on this planet with marriage for same sex couples, what I learned is love is love. Harvey loved life and loved people. He could care less about anything else, but loving. Today he still reminds that love always wins. You can fight it, create rules, separate, do everything you want to keep it away, but love will win… [Read more…]

Looking at the “S” word

As many of you know I am recently divorced. I must admit the journey has been a walk, step by step, breath by breath through lots of shame.  It seems in culture that desires so much from our ourselves, that we seem to get lost in the experience itself. Letting us be defined by it. [Read More…]

Peace is not a Thought

You are already enlightened now. But you fight it, because you tell yourself you can’t be enlightened yet because this hasn’t happened or that, or some big revelation, and you are right. Because it isn’t big, loud, it’s simple, profound, and here. There is no path, no road, no getting point, it is here. It is difficult, but I have faith that you will discover it. What is difficult is to let go of approval, proving, finding the right answer, doing the right thing, finding the right partner, and resting in nothing. We live in a world describing everything and yet we must bring our weary tired stories to the indescribable to have our lives restored. What do you really know now? What is really going on? [Read more…]

Share Friday: Who Hears This Sound? Adyashanti On Waking Up From The Dream Of “Me”

Enjoy this Friday share from December 2007 with a great teacher named Adyashanti from THE SUN, click the link and enjoy: THE SUN MAGAZINE [Read more…]

The Naked Mystic: Peace In The Middle East and St. Francis

September 21st, 2012 is UN World Day of Peace.  Yet as we look around we see lots of unrest in the world and very little peace.  As many of you know already peace begins with you, so may we pray for the world, for the middle East, and Globe.  However you pray, whether you have [Read More…]