22 Things Happy People Do Differently

22 Things Happy People Do Differently [Read more…]

To Grandma T

We are born onto and into this planet from the infinite.  On this place called Earth where we walk in heaven, masked only by the separation in our heads.  I bring this up to remind each of you that the beyond is around us. A perfect example is the presence of my grandma who comes [Read More…]

Heart Prayer

Where you are now, picture yourself breathing into your actual heart, and breathing out for a few minutes. Simply breath into the heart and breath out.  Simple breathing, just breath in and out. Move attention to your heart. And speak this prayer HEART PRAYER By David Matthew Brown Our Divine Heart which rests in heaven, [Read More…]

Translation of The Lords Prayer

Gently whisper to us in our breath, and bring us back into our hearts.

May we forgive always.

Heaven has been created, and heaven is here.

Holy, holy, holy we rest in the kingdom within.

Amen-Ra [Read more…]

I AM therefore I think

Alert here, alive I AM. This “I” choosing to think, thinking about itself, protecting its false ways, left brained, rational, linear, lacking creative insight. Wonderful…. [Read more…]

Laugh Lots

Today is Friday, the weekend is here, and when work is done, it’s the weekend, so the invitation is to laugh lots today, and see how that changes your day. Laughter is the best medicine [Read more…]

Tom Kenyon – The Ghandarva Experience – 23rd Psalm

I have had the good fortune to experience the music of many great healers, Tom Kenyon’s work is extraordinary. His voice is amazing.  Here is Tom singing Psalm 23.  Quite powerful, simple, and healing. If you need a space to rest for 5 minutes, then listen in and close your eyes and relax. His site [Read More…]

God Is Behind All Things- Keep it Real

Rule #2: Get straight within. Now you know who the boss is. This is where you go with everything and you listen within. That is it. Simple, profound, but hard has, you get the point. So take this into your week, stop the BS with yourself and everyone else. Don’t act perfect, like you know everything, give yourself up, give it all up, and listen. As you listen you co-create fast in the universe. [Read more…]

Magdalene Rosary

Over the years I have developed this “7-fold” rosary with prayers celebrating the Mysteries of Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Union at the heart of the Christian Gospels. This rosary has 7 groups of 7 prayer beads each, separated by a single prayer bead that introduces each group or “Mystery.” The rosaries are prayed with two sets of “Magdalene Mysteries”: [Read more…]

STAND IN LOVE- A New Declaration For A New World

Yes the world is ending and breaking free, into Love. You are very important to this mission. so BE KIND TO EACH OTHER. We need each other more than ever. [Read more…]