Replace health care with something conservative!


  • julian

    Replace health care with something conservative!

    I dunno. Republicans seem to hate anything that encourages thoughtful spending and careful government planning. Why would they ever support a conservative health care bill?

  • Randomfactor

    Financial assistance to cover embalming?

  • Smhlle

    Awesome cartoon. Even better if we could some how work in ” or I’m moving to Canada in protest.”

    • Celticlight

      Threatening to move to another country if you don’t get your way is traditionally more of a progressive thing.

  • baal

    I’ve respected conservatives in the past who had a reasonably consistent world view. As the comic points out, the current crop are bat guano willy nilly about everything (except hate & manufacturing hurdles for one black guy in particular and the left in general).

    • Celticlight

      You mean consistent as in – I was for gay marriage, before I was against it, before I was for it again ?