Godless college football thread.

Arkansas razorback.I’m in Kansas this weekend, and Michaelyn and I will be denned up during the rain today watching football!  Which means I might actually get to participate in the open thread for once!

There are two big games to watch today: #3 South Carolina vs. #8 LSU, and #13 Oklahoma vs. #15 Texas.  Let’s start with Texas vs. Oklahoma, where I’ll mostly be hoping the laws of logic get suspended long enough for both teams to lose.

Texas has plenty of offensive weapons, no doubt.  However, their defense is only slightly improved when it gets off the bus.  Texas was almost able to win the game with their offense alone against Kansas State, but not quite.  I think Oklahoma is just as good as K-State and that they win by a touchdown.

As for LSU and South Carolina, this should be a phenomenal game.  It’s no secret that I think Les Miles is the luckiest, most over-rated coach in the history of college football, so I’ll be rooting for the Gamecocks pretty fiercely.  South Carolina’s defensive line is just unreal, which works against LSU which has been struggling with their run-based offense.  Still, it’s LSU, and after last week’s loss to Florida they will be out looking for blood.  I say LSU wins by a field goal, but I hope I’m wrong.

My struggling Razorbacks get lowly Kentucky this week after a 24-17 victory against Auburn last week.  If we can manage to beat Kentucky (a game in which we are favored, which hasn’t meant much this year), that puts us at 3-4 on the year.  After that we get Ole Miss and Tulsa, both of which are winnable games.  We could potentially be 5-4 here in a few weeks.  However, after that we have #3 South Carolina, #19 Mississippi State, and #9 LSU.  We must win one of those games to be bowl eligible.  We’ve got the talent, and have had all year, but given how this season is going, I’m not very optimistic.  🙁

Anyway, let’s enjoy some football!  🙂


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