I really motherfucking love goddamn science

Steven here…

Maddox is brilliant. His recent post regarding the Facebook page, “I fucking love science” is pretty interesting.

I think most of his criticisms can be summed up as him not liking the page’s name. Perhaps he would like “I fucking love scientists and the end results of the scientific process” instead. I agree that taking a picture of a galaxy may not be science, but science is the reason we can have that and any understanding of it.

Some of the criticisms are valid though. My scientists friends have informed me that whenever they talk to people who casually identify as fans of science about real science and not just lasers and shit, these “fans of science” start to lose interest.

In order to address this problem and make real science just as hip as image macros and pithy quotes, I started “I really motherfucking love goddamn science.” No memes, just science news. Hopefully that (and more profanity) will be an improvement.







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