Post-Skepticon resolutions

Steven here…

One of my best friends, Kasi Rogers, recently posted the following on her Facebook page after getting home from Skepticon V:

“It’s 6pm and I’m thinking about going to sleep. It was good to get back to warmer, damp Portland. I ran into two neighbors/friends on the train home – one was headed to the doctor for muscular injuries incurred while canvassing for marriage equality in Washington. After coming back from SK5 and seeing them I was reminded that I should be doing a whole lot more for the causes I’m involved with. So instead of a New Year’s resolution it appears I’ve formed a post-con resolution.”

Conventions like Skepticon are life-changing events. That may sound like hyperbole, but it really isn’t. I went from a fan of podcasts and blogs to someone actually doing shit because of Skepticon. And every year I come away with new insights.

After thinking about it for a bit and realizing where I have been wrong and need to grow, here are my post-Skepticon resolutions:

1. Prioritize my time more effectively.
2. Refuse to take on any additional projects.
3. Debate more, and get comfortable doing so.

What sort of resolutions do you make after these events?

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