Post-Skepticon resolutions

Steven here…

One of my best friends, Kasi Rogers, recently posted the following on her Facebook page after getting home from Skepticon V:

“It’s 6pm and I’m thinking about going to sleep. It was good to get back to warmer, damp Portland. I ran into two neighbors/friends on the train home – one was headed to the doctor for muscular injuries incurred while canvassing for marriage equality in Washington. After coming back from SK5 and seeing them I was reminded that I should be doing a whole lot more for the causes I’m involved with. So instead of a New Year’s resolution it appears I’ve formed a post-con resolution.”

Conventions like Skepticon are life-changing events. That may sound like hyperbole, but it really isn’t. I went from a fan of podcasts and blogs to someone actually doing shit because of Skepticon. And every year I come away with new insights.

After thinking about it for a bit and realizing where I have been wrong and need to grow, here are my post-Skepticon resolutions:

1. Prioritize my time more effectively.
2. Refuse to take on any additional projects.
3. Debate more, and get comfortable doing so.

What sort of resolutions do you make after these events?

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  • neatospiderplant

    For me, I alternate between times that I feel determined to discover a way that I can serve the community and movement, and times when I feel defeated and that my skills and talents fall outside what is needed. Skepticon renewed my enthusiasm for finding a way to help.

  • Heina

    Write more. Isn’t that what all the bloggers say?

  • Shayrah

    1. Write a book I’ve been putting off.
    2. Go to more conventions.
    3. Walk topless in Austin with Beth Presswood.

  • Miriam

    Oooh I have one! Stop being so afraid of annoying people with my passion. I can’t count how many times I’ve held off on posting yet another political thing on Facebook because, OH NO, what if someone gets annoyed by all teh politics things. Whatever, they can deal with it! No need to do less of what I love for their supposed sake.

    Also, I really need to stop letting my ferocious case of impostor syndrome prevent me from socializing and networking with cool people.

  • Lou Doench

    To try and go to one? Seriously, I’d like to be at #6 if I can swing it.

  • Allecher

    To get out from behind the keyboard and actually build a community of skeptics. Thank you, James Croft!

  • Amyc

    1. Do more to help my local community–at least two of our group joined in the food packaging next door, our SSA is now looking for volunteer work (DFW Atheists feeding the homeless, or volunteering at a local science/nature center, or both)

    2. Take the skills I learned in the workshops from JT and Darrel Ray back to my SSA group

    3. Do more street preaching :-)

    4. Organize more opportunities for atheists in my local community to go to conventions/conferences.

  • Susi Bocks

    be even more connected to the people and the community that has helped me achieve so much personal growth! i love you all and i intend to be even more in your face… hopefully you will have me! :)