My interview with We Are Atheism

Steven here…
This year at Skepticon I sat down with Adam Brown from We Are Atheism to discuss growing up as an atheist.

I actually begged off of doing a video with them for a long time primarily because I wasn’t convinced that my story would be of any help to closeted atheists. I’ve always been an atheist and have led a pretty great life despite that.

I’m glad I did the video though. I think it is important to show atheists that life doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal just because you’re rational.

Go check it out.

Oh yeah, JT did one a while back too.

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  • Wilsom’s Pal

    I have met a number of people who were always atheists, which I found out after they had been claiming they were “ex Christians”.

    • baal

      My initial position for strangers is that I’m a recovering Catholic. It’s not lying so much as Christians have a bad habit of publicly responding badly to being told the person in front of them is in fact an atheist. So yeah, your gotcha is an example of atheist avoid social tension.

      I’m also just now seeing that “Wilsom’s Pal” is being banned for trolling and is known to JT as a member of a specific group of trolls.

    • RuQu

      When you are raised by a Christian (Catholic) family that only goes to church on Easter and Christmas, and you are baptized as a child, but you have no memory of ever believing in “God,” which term do you use?

      Identity definitions are fluid and ill-defined. The example above, mine in fact, could easily be called “ex-Catholic” since I was raised in a Catholic family and attended mass on occasion. However, since I don’t remember a time when I believed in God, I could also, honestly, say “I’ve always been an atheist.”

  • IslandBrewer

    Both of those were well done. But, I’d really like to hear an interview with one or both of JTs parents. While being an atheist today in Arkansas can’t be easy, I want to know what it was like for them, and what they thought when JT went through his christian phase in high school.

  • baal

    “if you happen to look at a lot of religions, they all look like bullshit” <–it's close but probably a word off
    Yes, exactly.
    I especially like that you suggest atheism really isn't enough to stop people from believing bs. You also need skepticism or a piece on rational evaluation of claims as well. I've meet a number of folks who are functionally atheists but avoid the label due to a residual, "you can't know what we don't know" mindset. They then also usually allow for crypto-mega fauna (ie bigfoot and Yetis), cosmic over minds, space aliens and a serve your self buffet of woo (yeah, crystals are bogus but Reiki rocks).