OMG! The F-bomb! Oh the humanity!

Hey everyone, Christina here!

I’m still in the motherfucking hospital, but had to share this silliness with you from One “Million” Mom’s.

Dear Christina,

Together we will hold CBS accountable for airing profanity in front of children and families! The network did not keep their promise that the Super Bowl broadcast would be safe for children and families. CBS aired an unedited “F-bomb” during the Super Bowl broadcast in front of an estimated audience of 108 million Americans – including tens of millions of children and families.

CBS is to blame for not taking precautions against broadcasting it into every home in the country. The network has violated the law and shows no remorse. CBS has had ample time to apologize but has chosen not to. No apology for their error shows lack of responsibility and zero regret.

CBS should have been on their toes, especially with their history of slipups similar to this, and better prepared during a world championship victory celebration. The network should not be surprised that the winning Baltimore Ravens quarterback and MVP Joe Flacco might make a slip of the tongue at that emotional and exhilarating moment.

It’s simple enough for the networks to have a seven-second delay during live interviews with players like it did with other parts of the broadcast, but CBS didn’t even bother! And the network’s executives won’t even apologize! The lack of concern shows they will likely do this again unless we put a stop to it. If we do not say anything, foul language will routinely appear once every game, then twice every game, and could spiral out of control unless we do something now.

This accidental mishap has happened again and again and again, both during sporting events and live talk shows. Every time, the networks promise they will be more careful, and it will never happen again. And every time, it does. The more it happens, the more desensitized everyone becomes. No one wants their children or grandchildren to pick up this type of language.

By taking action today, you can ensure the FCC does its job in enforcing the law and holding the networks accountable for their actions. Let’s make sure the billion-dollar broadcast industry takes its obligations to the public seriously.

Oh the humanity! Think of the children! This horrible profanity must be stopped! These people must be punished! They must apologize to the whole country for their horrible misdeed! Whyyyyyy! WHHHHYYYYY!!!!!!!! *collapses into tears*

Seriously, OMM. You sound like a whiny child running to her parents to tattle on her younger sibling for calling her a doody-head.

GASP… Mommy FCC *sob* they said the F-WORD! *sob* Make it stop, make it stop!

Do you really want your children to be so sensitized to the f-word that they literally can’t handle just brushing it off? Because that’s what you’re doing.

Fucking crybabies. 

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p.s. I tried to write a serious post about this, I really did. But it’s just not possible.

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  • Glodson

    Oh fucking fuck. I fucking can’t believe the shitty fucking CB fucking S didn’t fucking bleep out a fucking swear word uttered in an instance of goddamned excitement. Those poor fucking children, exposed to such fucking language will learn to say the word fuck, which is just a fucking shame.

    Won’t someone fucking think of the goddamned children?!

    No. I have not excuse for this other than I like cursing, I encourage cursing, and feel that it is a part of language. Really, I don’t want my daughter to bust out the words with impunity at all times, but if she started busting out the word fuck at an accelerated rate because of an utterance during the Super Bowl, it would likely because of my reaction( i.e. my encouragement).

    Wait… didn’t those concerned moms notice the violent and brutal game that went on up until the utterance? I mean… wouldn’t they be more worried about their children copying the concussion causing sport that kids like to play which can result in severe damage in a child’s body? I guess saying fuck is a bigger threat than kids wanting to play a game that carries real consequences to their bodies.

  • unbound

    Well, fuck…I know that profanity in on my top 10,000 list of things that we really need to fix in this country. Too bad it isn’t in the top 9,999 list…

  • Judas

    The inocence of youth is somewhat contributed to their blatant ignorance of all things happening in the world, its a shame when humans cant think of anyway else to solve the issue without crying to the media. Most kids dont listen to much going on outside their shell, i know i watch stuff i saw as a kid and go WOW to all the stuff i was oblivious to as a child, but if it was pointed out to me that they said bad things in the movie and what they meant then my innocence would have been shattered much earlier in life. lets let the kids stay kids as long as possible. Funny I smoke and i used to watch bugs bunny, do you think kids that heard about the *F* bomb on tv will use it more….I think it will provoke them a bit

  • Philip from Australia

    My brother was visiting our mother.

    Daughter number 1 was driving mum’s ride on mower. And accidentally hit the garage roller door, popping it off the rails. Brother was able to fix it (he’s an engineer), and daughter was unhurt. But apparently dropped an f-bomb when it happened.

    Daughter number 2 was telling ‘N’ (her grandmother, my mother) about the event. In her words “… then Daddy said a naughty word.”

    See? A naughty word. One they know is out there. And not one they should use. But they don’t kick up a fuss. They just educate their children.

    Of course, my brother is in the navy. I think they invented most naughty words.


  • Tony Lakey

    I wouldn’t haven even know this happened if it weren’t for the complaints. Don’t people like this realize that the only reason words like this remain so charged is because people like them make a big deal about them. If nobody did shit like this, there wouldn’t be an issue. It would occur more in the media, children would say it more often, and most importantly people would not be judged negatively simply for using a word. Words don’t hold magical properties, saying certain ones often enough won’t turn you into a criminal (at least, not while you have the protection of freedom of speech). Words can not be bad. They can be taboo, which mean a large enough section of a society decided to judge it’s use negatively. So really, people like One “Million” moms are the creators and protectors of curse words. Without them, none would have be created and no words would be “bad”.

  • Atheist Mom

    It was most certainly not broadcast into every home in the country! It was not broadcast (or cabled, or satellited) into mine. So there.

    Also, fuck those whiners. Are they math-impaired, or delusionally hopeful?

  • invivoMark

    Heh, I remember traveling to Germany when I was a teenager. Every damn 8-year-old, upon learning I was American, would say “fuck”. I thought, “aw, it’s cute, they’re showing off to me all the English they’ve learned”, and figured it was just a quirk of learning English as a second language.

    And then I traveled to the UK. Fucking hell, it isn’t a quirk that Germans say “fuck” when they’re 8 years old, it’s a goddamn quirk that 8-year-olds in the US don’t! In Scotland, every other word out of a native Scot’s mouth is “fuck”, and that’s probably the most polite swear word they know!

    We’re a bunch of fucking prudes over here, and that’s all there is to it! I can’t wait until people here get over it (and, given the nature of the Internet, that’ll take no more than as long as it takes for everyone over 50 to die off).

    • greg1466

      Absolutely. I guess it’s a result of our Puritan origins or something. And it’s not just bad language. Look at the U.S. attitude towards anything to do with nudity/sex compared to the rest of the world. We’re stuck in the Victorian age. And a very vocal minority is fighting tooth and nail to keep us there.

  • Joey K.

    I want to see Ozzy Osbourne perform the half time show, give this lady something to squawk about. Imagine it…a dark stadium, minimal noise…when suddenly from an unseen figure, “How the fuck’s everybody doing?” And then on several occasions throughout the show he’d shout phrases like, “I can’t fucking hear you!” and “Let me see your fucking hands!”

    • WMDKitty

      Fuck, now there’s a halftime show I’d watch!

  • Mr. Lynne

    Funny, I don’t remember the Moms sending out a letter when Scott Brown dropped swear words at a high school.

  • Rick Wingrove

    It’s shocking that the same people who will allow NO infringement on the Second Amendment, are all too frequently the same people who see no contradiction in this obvious and ridiculous infringement on the First Amendment guarantee of free speech.
    Unlike the 2nd Amendment, which carries a militia qualification, the 1st Amendment has NO qualifications. So fuck that.

    • pjmaertz

      The NRA, from their statements, seems to want to get some type of government interference involved with the production of violent video games and movies, which would clearly be a violation of the First Amendment, but will not allow for a reading of the Second Amendment that restricts gun ownership in any way whatsoever. These people have a worldview that I cannot understand.

  • pjmaertz

    Hey fuck those fucking fucks, fuckingly. Amiright?

  • baal

    My son is 11 or so. About a year we were discussing ‘words’ and my wife and I gave him the following near rule. Say what you like. He proceeded to swear up a storm (pretty much a ‘shit’ storm, he’s not been all that exposed to much since we don’t swear all that often). After about 30 minutes we told him to go to his room. He was annoyed, “you said I could say whatever.” To which I replied, “Yes and if you’re annoying, then there will be consequences.”
    I’m glad we haven’t reached ex post facto yet or the conversation might have gone on for a while.

    Otherwise, yeah, down with censors*!

    *also down with censers** – my lungs are weak
    **also down with sensors – stuff was just cooler with analog feedback controls.

  • Jeff

    They talk about the broadcast being “safe” for children who need to be “protected” from the F-bomb.

    The only way I can think of that this makes any sense is if it’s a literal bomb. I know A-bombs are pretty nasty, and H-bombs as well. So I imagine this one would lie somewhere in between?

    • Glodson

      I still think that it is funny they are trying to protect children who are watching a game with violent collisions that can easily result in injury which is glorified by the broadcast to such a point that the children will want to play the game themselves.

      But saying “fuck?!” Won’t someone think of the children!?

      • Andrew Kohler

        “It’s true, James Bond does kill people, but he doesn’t swear.”

        So said Jim O’Connor, author of a book called Cuss Control: The Complete Book on How to Curb Your Cursing, who advocates expressing unpleasant ideas in cutesy language. This is from Penn and Teller’s Bullshit episode on Profanity, which one may find on YouTube. This statement was made to sound like a joke, but I’m pretty sure that this guy is actually serious. For some people, swearing is *worse than murder.* I don’t have the exact quotation at hand, but the South Park movie has a brilliant line from Sheila Broflovski, who has initiated a brutal war with Canada: “Remember what the MPAA says: Horrific, deplorable violence is okay, as long as people don’t say any naughty woids! That’s what this war is all about!”

        Has anyone else noticed that the third, fourth, and fifth words in George Carlin’s list of seven words you can never say on television begin (respectively) with the letters F, C, and C? Is this merely a coincidence? Most certainly. But be that as it may, is it also extremely appropriate and fitting? Even more certainly ;-)

        P.S. Carlin never called them “seven dirty words”; that was from an article about the resulting court case, I believe in the LA Times.

        • Andrew Kohler

          Oops, I forgot to delete part about not having the exact quotation at hand; I remembered there was this thing called Google and got it.

  • John Horstman

    I’ve never understood what the fuck the danger is form which we’re supposed to be protecting children. I mean, from a Christian worldview, swearing by saying “Jesus” or “Yahweh” is bad because of the prohibition on writing Yahweh’s name in Jewish tradition, which is an interpretation of the commandment against graven images (which the Catholics clearly disregard), established to make sure there weren’t any idols of their god to desecrate (a popular practice for conquering armies and rival tribes for most of human history). But I’m not really sure how “fuck” is supposed to fit into that. It’s not blasphemy.

    • John Horstman

      Goddamnit (that’s not even blasphemy, that a prayer exhorting some god or other to damn something on my behalf), that first sentence should read “…danger is from which…”

  • John

    I’ve always suspected that part of the appeal of being fashionably atheist is the freedom it affords one to sometimes just be a snarky bitch.

    Mission accomplished!

    • Glodson

      Go fuck yourself. You are proving to be a real asshole.

      • John

        Wah, wah, wah.

        • Kodie

          Who authorized you to be a snarky bitch??????? John, that’s for atheists only!

          • Glodson

            I normally agree with your posts, but here I have to disagree.

            That wasn’t even close to being a snarky bitch. In fact, that’s my whole thing. Get off my snarky bitchiness. ;)

          • Kodie

            I never said he pulled it off, but it was clearly an attempt to break the natural order of things.

          • Glodson

            OMG! <a href=""Naturalistic Fallacy!!

            No, I don’t have any reason to post that other than I’m bored and I feel that this conversation makes this entire bit much more interesting.

        • Glodson

          Oh, John, that is the appropriate response given how bad your responses have been. I think I would cry too once I realized I couldn’t go back and edit my posts.

    • Kodie

      I have always suspected that part of the appeal of being an uptight Christian is a fetish for the way your drawers feel when they get bunched up in the crack of your ass.

      • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

        You said ass. Commence bunching!

    • christinastephens

      Why yes, actually. I do enjoy sometimes being a snarky bitch. ^.^

    • Brad1990

      It’s certainly one of the appeals. I for one quite enjoy being snarky. I also quite enjoy reading baseless ad hominem tone-trolling “arguments” with no point or substance to them which issue without fail from priveledged Christian douchebags whenever someone disagrees with an organisation they happen to agree with. The ability to read this childish drivel and laugh at it is a great advantage to being godsless.

      The problem I have now is controlling the snark long enough to call the waaahmbulance which you are so clearly in need of.

    • Loqi

      And I’ve always suspected the appeal of being a theist is being allowed to be proudly ignorant. Or to rape children without repercussions. Or to swindle the gullible. Or to be racist, sexist, and homophobic. Or that you don’t have to feel bad that those science classes were too hard for you. Or to mutilate childrens’ genitals just for the funsies. Or to be a joyless, witless, dishonest sack of shit.

      Mission accomplished!

  • Brad1990

    “It’s simple enough for the networks to have a seven-second delay during live interviews with players like it did with other parts of the broadcast, but CBS didn’t even bother! And the network’s executives won’t even apologize! The lack of concern shows they will likely do this again unless we put a stop to it. If we do not say anything, foul language will routinely appear once every game, then twice every game, and could spiral out of control unless we do something now.”

    Oh noes! Someone said “fuck” the telly! Someone call the fucking waaahmbulance! Seriously? Slippery slope arguments and massive outrage over the word fuck? Seriously?!

    And “The more it happens, the more desensitized everyone becomes.”? Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Because then it wouldn’t count as “foul language” and then we wouldn’t have to worry about it. But then of course A Couple of Thousand Moms wouldn’t have anything to moan about, would they? Silly me.