Help Josiah Biblename

UPDATE: The goal for this fundraiser has been met and as such no further donations are required. I asked you to chip in for someone you may never have even met, and you all went above and beyond. Thank you all so much!

Steven here…

You may not know who Josiah Biblename is, but you’ve probably seen his work. He’s a fantastic photographer who uses his talent to help collect photos for atheist conventions. If you were at Skepticon 6 you probably saw him roaming about and mentioned in JT’s talk about unsung heroes. He’s an amazing guy.

Unfortunately, shortly after Skepticon and with a paying photography gig drawing near, his camera broke. He’s looking into getting it repaired, but such services do not come cheap. I’d like to ask that you help him out. The Omaha Atheist community, along with Sarah Morehead ofRecovering from Religionhave started asking for donations to help cover the cost of the repairs(around $500). If you have a few bucks you can contribute, that would go a long way to helping him get back on his feet.

“Many of you have loved, admired, and appreciated being a part of the amazing photography of our dear family friend Josiah “Biblename” John. There was an accident with his camera today that has left it unusable. This is literally his only means of income, and at the holidays it couldn’t be worse timing. Another friend in our community has offered to repair his camera at a local camera shop for cost, and we’re raising money to cover that. If you would like to help, we’d truly appreciate it and you can paypal me at moreheadclan at, which I’ll forward on to the friend who is repairing it.”

Other ways you could help are by sending him additional business. If you or someone you know need some truly stunning pictures, send them his way and he can make it happen.

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