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Dan Arel is an award winning journalist and the author of the best-selling book Parenting Without God. He is also freelance columnist for AlterNet and The Huffington Post. Follow him on Twitter: @danarel

Keep it Classy Erick Erickson

The former CNN contributor had this to say about today’s Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby [Read more...]

Maybe Sex Toys Will Convince You We Need Gun Safety Laws

This may very well be the one commercial to convince you we need stricter laws that regulate the storage of firearms. [Read more...]

Creationism in American Schools

Did you know just a week ago Britain banned the teaching of creationism is their academic and free schools? This was huge news for science and a major blow to creationism. This led me to wonder why, if such laws are basically the same in the US since the courts have ruled that both creationism [Read More...]

Soccer: The Great Liberal Conspiracy!

Conspiracy theories are never in short supply on the political right in the US, but this has to be a new level of crazy. Speaking to Fox News today, guest Dr. Keith Ablow said he is suspect of the timing of America’s World Cup Game against Germany, saying: “I am suspect because, here’s the thing. [Read More...]

No Jesus Tattoos in Heaven

God hates tattoos, or at least The 700 Clubs Pat Robertson thinks so. A caller told Robertson that she was considering a Jesus tattoo on her upper back and wondered if that would make the tattoo okay. “It doesn’t make it okay because it’s religious, believe me,” Robertson asserted. “I mean, it could be a [Read More...]

NY Court Says, “Stop Sending Your Unvaccinated Kids to School”

Finally a court has stood up to the anti-vaccination crazies. In New York City, parents will no longer have the right to send their unvaccinated kids to school. According to a Brooklyn Federal District Court judge, in a ruling last week stated that a parent’s constitutional right to freely exercise their religion does not always [Read More...]

The 3-Year-Old Kicked Out of KFC Was a Hoax

I bet a lot of you saw the heartbreaking story of a little three-year-old girl who was attacked by her grandfather’s dog and suffered serious facial damage was kicked out of a KFC because her facial scars were scaring the customers. KFC quickly apologized and donated $30,000 to the girls family to help pay for [Read More...]