CHARITY & ACTIVISM: Help Sarah Hargreaves raise money for Camp Quest!

Sarah Hargreaves with Camp Quest Kansas City is turning 31.  She doesn’t want presents for her birthday.  Instead she wants people to help make CQKC as special as possible this coming summer.  That means money (I can assure you, you’d be hard pressed to find a workaholic who will make that money go farther than [Read More...]

ACTIVISM: Become a volunteer with the Hotline Project.

For the last few months I’ve been volunteering with Recovering From Religion, specifically for their Hotline Project.  The goal of the Hotline Project is to have a number people can call from anywhere if they’re struggling with doubt in their religion or such and receive support.  It’s not a tool for evangelizing, just a place [Read More...]


I feel like a pretentious ass, but I have to share this.  J. Michael Spencer is starting up an Oasis in Boston (fuck yes!) and has written about how the project came to be.  I’m in there, along with my wife: Over time, I began to read less and less of PZ’s blog and more [Read More...]

More on the Baxter County nativity lawsuit: the legend of Paul Theresa Jaques.

Got ourselves another winner in the comments of the local paper establishing why people are reticent to challenge religious privilege in the South. The guy says that if somebody doesn’t like Christians getting access to government land that’s denied to everybody else, they should leave.  That’s kind of like the bully telling the person whose [Read More...]

More from the locals on the nativity.

I know many of you have been in the comment section of our local paper’s article on the nativity defending the brave plaintiff.  My family has been as well, and my brother just came up with a highlight with one of the locals who used to have a radio show here in town and who [Read More...]

Update on the nativity lawsuit in my hometown (and a big thank you for all you’ve done).

I want to thank all of you.  Due in large part to the attention being paid to the situation in Baxter County, AR (in which you can find my hometown of Mountain Home), various national media outlets are picking up the story.  All of them are saying pretty much the same thing: The issue is [Read More...]

Help bring some parity to the comment section of an article about the Mountain Home nativity.

There is a mountain of Christian privilege, dishonesty, and vitriol going on the facebook page for the Baxter Bulletin article on the nativity (here’s what’s going on if you’re just hearing about this). Some choice examples include: Boo Williams As well there should have been threats…yall don’t like our religious traditions, then move somewhere else…you [Read More...]

I nominate Dan Arel for Secularist of the Year.

The National Secular Society is taking nominations for its Secularist of the Year Award.  If you define secularism as keeping religion and government apart, I can think of no individual who’s done more work on that end than Dan Arel.  He’s monitored Ken Ham and been the key figure, in my eye, of keeping taxpayer [Read More...]

Episode of Atheist Analysis with myself, Danielle Muscato, and Sarah Morehead.

Here’s last night’s episode that I was on (along with some other people :P). [Read more...]

MST3K Crew to perform at the American Atheists 2015 National Convention

During the Dogma Debate/Foundation Beyond Belief marathon to raise charitable donations, American Atheist’s President, David Silverman, announced that crew from Mystery Science Threatee 3000 will do a live performance at the American Atheists 2015 National Convention. [Read more...]