Happy Openly Secular Day!

I’m a big fan of the Openly Secular campaign.  Today, on Openly Secular Day, they have a challenge: tell one person you’re openly secular.  Easy for me, I’ll just go ahead and tell a few thousand, but you should click the link and sign the pledge as well if you can do it.  :) Now [Read More...]

ACTIVISM: John Davidson, star of film, Broadway, host of Hollywood Squares, and more is openly secular.

New respect for John Davidson: [Read more...]

ACTIVISM: Patheos blogger appears in CBS clip highlighting the struggle of atheists in the United States!

On Sunday CBS ran a report by Mo Rocca which highlighted the struggles of atheists in the United States while focusing heavily on the Openly Secular Project.  The segment contained two of my favorite people in atheism, Todd Stiefel and Patheos’ own Neil Carter. Neil is such a terrific spokesman for atheism, and even though [Read More...]

ACTIVISM: What it’s like to run an atheist group in Turkey.

You guys know Turkey, right?  The great success story of moderate Islam, not like all those other countries where Islam seems to produce barbaric laws, discrimination, and lower standards of living.  Yes, journalists can still be imprisoned there for years for publishing a picture of Mohammad.  Yes, if you’re accused of desecrating the Koran there [Read More...]

READER QUESTION: What is the best way to get involved in the atheist community?

I got a reader question from Danielle Martin who wanted to know the best ways to get involved in the atheist community: Do you have any advice for someone that wants to be more involved in secular community? I have talked to Danielle Muscato frequently about American Atheists and other secular organizations and I know [Read More...]

ACTIVISM & GODLESSNESS: Purpose-driven life and secularism.

The following is a guest post by Gleb Tsipursky (Co-Founder, President, and Chief Insights Officer at Intentional Insights, a new reason-themed nonprofit devoted to spreading rational thinking strategies to a broad audience). Purpose-Driven Life and Secularism Graphics by: Cerina Gillilan We need religion for a sense of purpose in life, at least according to the vast majority [Read More...]

ACTIVISM: I guess I’ll be spending a week at Camp Quest KC…

You beautiful, beautiful people.  Last week I asked you all to help Sarah Hargreaves raise money for Camp Quest Kansas City in her competition with David Diskin from Camp Quest West.  I said that if she raised over $2,000 that I would commit a week of my time to Camp Quest KC in the summer, [Read More...]

ACTIVISM: The Hotline Project has officially launched!

For months now I’ve been volunteering with the Hotline Project (my capacity has been to vet applicants).  After all this work (and exponentially more work on the part of Sarah Morehead and Suzi Bocks), it’s finally launched. We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Hotline Project! After two years of work by a [Read More...]

FAITH, LAW, & ACTIVISM: Victory for FFRF in Warren prayer station case.

The city of Warren, MI has allowed a prayer station in the atrium of their City Hall since 2009.  Recently a local resident applied to host a reason station in the same space but was denied: For six years, the city has permitted volunteers at the “prayer station” to distribute religious pamphlets, offer to pray [Read More...]

CHARITY & ACTIVISM: Help Sarah Hargreaves raise money for Camp Quest!

Sarah Hargreaves with Camp Quest Kansas City is turning 31.  She doesn’t want presents for her birthday.  Instead she wants people to help make CQKC as special as possible this coming summer.  That means money (I can assure you, you’d be hard pressed to find a workaholic who will make that money go farther than [Read More...]