I get interviewed sometimes

I was on Meet the Skeptics recently. Listen to it here. Yesterday I did an interview with Dan Fincke over at Camels with Hammers for SSA Week/Blogathon.  I was one amongst a litany of impressive company.  You can read mine here. One of my favorite lines from that interview was when Dan asked how I [Read More...]

Jesse Galef rocks it on CNN (and why I don't have his job)

The contents of this post are the opinions of JT Eberhard, not the Secular Student Alliance. Here’s Jesse’s interview on CNN.  The anchor shoveled propaganda at him and he cut through it like a laid back chainsaw.  Good for him. The man is a savant at his job.  He can hear questions like that, smile, [Read More...]

Death threat #10

Back when Skepticon was getting on its feet, I received nine death threats over the space of two years.  One of them actually made the threat by showing up on my front porch.  Anyway, I decided then that when I hit my tenth death threat I would throw a huge party.  I was certain that [Read More...]

Jesse Galef on CNN in 20 minutes!

At 9:40 EST, Secular Student Alliance communications director Jesse Galef will be on CNN discussing the sharp decline in religiosity of the Millenial generation. Tune in! [Read more...]

Millenials turning the tide in the culture war

Just in time for SSA Week CNN has posted an article about the recent pew poll confirming that the youngest generation is really starting to say “wtf?” to religion.  The one that gave us this graph: Guess who’s square in the middle of this?  If you guessed the Secular Student Alliance, you guessed right. According [Read More...]

Fuck rally

In college, our secular group put on an outdoor concert.  After the second band went up, campus security approached the organizer and told him that the bands couldn’t use curse words.  I wasn’t able to make it, but three weeks later the story broke in the campus paper. This is how we responded.  I suggest [Read More...]

Why the hell should you donate to the SSA? (Blogathon 3/49)

JT again! I guess I should tell you why the SSA is awesome so you have some incentive to give us your house (if you’re unwilling to part with your house, a donation will suffice). Greta has a list of great quotes up.  You can certainly check that out. I also wrote a piece last [Read More...]

Blogathon is a go!

Ok, first up for SSA Week Blogathon is Ellen over at Skeptic Freethought!  She’s been at it since midnight, so go say hi and tell her… 1.  To hang in there. 2.  You love her. 3.  What to write about. FtB’s Brianne Bilyeu is also up!  Go give her some love! Christina will be taking [Read More...]

The Happy Atom!

Kelley Freeman’s creation-a-day approach to fundraising for SSA Week is going extremely well!  First it was an FSM, then an invisible dragon. Today it’s the Happy Atom! What is the Happy Atom?  Kelley explains: Today’s item is known as the ‘happy atom’ and is the mascot of one of the more well-known Secular Student Alliance [Read More...]

SSA Week update

First and foremost: half the people donating to SSA Week to have me sing a song must really hate me.  Even my friends are getting in on this! Ashley:  So can we choose any song?  No going back? Me:  Can it be one I know? Ashley:  Oh, you know it.  There’s no way anyone doesn’t [Read More...]