ISSA's Brother Jed bingo was a great success!

Yesterday I posted about the Illini Secular Student Alliance’s plan to treat Brother Jed as the joke that he is.  You’ll be happy to know it went extremely well.  Thar be pictures at this link.  Yarrrrr! I especially like this one.  They made a big dry erase board to keep track of all the quips [Read More...]

Why we tussle in public.

It is often asked why we argue in public.  It’s not like we’ll change anybody’s mind, right?  Well, forgetting for a moment that we do actually change people’s minds, we also do it for a host of other reasons.  Likely as a result of my father’s casual and open atheism, he was sent this message [Read More...]

ISSA gets it right on dealing with Brother Jed.

The Illini Secular Student Alliance has been preparing for notorious campus preacher Brother Jed.  They’ve taken some things you’re bound to hear him say and produced a bunch of bingo cards to hand out to the on-lookers. There will be those who say that mocking him makes us look bad.  They’ll insist that we should [Read More...]

Why don't you guys marry him?

Christ.  Now I see why you guys suffer through the dregs that I write. Yes, I will still be posting snippets of stuff from my dad once I’m over at Patheos.  If you guys like him so much, why don’t you take him out to dinner or something? Actually, do that.  And mom too. Chrstina, [Read More...]

Sometimes I think I'm so witty

Hey, err’one. Michaelyn here. With class starting on Monday, KU campus is full of frosh who just moved into the dorms. Hawk Week started last night which means all the student groups got to set up tables and advertise for their organization. I love tabling. Last night I set up shop for the Society of [Read More...]

Come to Skepticamp St. Louis!

Christina here… Next Saturday, August 18th 2012 from about 10:00am-5:00pm at the Ethical Society of St. Louis, The Skeptical Society of St. Louis (of which I am V.P.) is hosting Skepticamp! Here, have some info plagiarized from the event sites: We are excited to announce St. Louis SkeptiCamp 2012, a free conference where you can participate! When: [Read More...]

Take a second to help a high school atheist.

Help a high school atheist. Find my answer to this question and give it the thumbs up. And if you want to take a few shots at pious bullies in the comments, be my guest. [Read more...]

Sign the Alexander Aan petition

Show the power of atheists in the United States.  If you have a few minutes, go sign this petition.  Please. Earlier this year, Indonesian civil servant Alexander Aan posted on Facebook that he doubted the existence of God. He was then attacked and beaten by an angry mob, and arrested for blasphemy. On June 14, [Read More...]

Freethought in the first grade

I received this email yesterday. Hello JT. I saw you at the Reason Rally and was very motivated by all of the talk and encouragement directed toward the students and teachers who are making a difference in the public school setting. I am an elementary teacher in ##### (1st grade). Each year I struggle with [Read More...]

Skepticon art contest!

It’s a little less than four months out, but I’m already pumped about Skepticon 5.  Of course, it’s my baby, so I’m already attached to it.  But I also want to see what the new crew does with it.  Last year they exceeded anything I could have ever dreamed of.  I suspect this year will [Read More...]