Open letter to the Secular Coalition for America?

To whom it may concern at the Secular Coalition for America, My name is JT Eberhard.  I am an atheist activist who writes a blog on the Patheos network.  I was present at your conference call of the movement’s opinion leaders before the announcement of Edwina Rogers as the SCA’s new Executive Director. I want [Read More...]

Guest post: Your Facebook Votes Are Worth Over $50!

Here be a guest post from Josh Brose, the partners intern at Foundation Beyond Belief. Josh from Foundation Beyond Belief here, Seriously, everyone needs to do this.  In case you haven’t heard – the Foundation Beyond Belief, the Secular Student Alliance, and Camp Quest have all been nominated for the CHASE community giving program.  2 [Read More...]

If atheism is a religion…

My friend, Vincent, left this on my facebook wall.  It’s just the type of “fuck with ‘em while smiling” activism that I love.  If I were still a college activist, I’d be printing out these petitions today. The next time someone says “atheism is a religion”, you should ask them if they support atheist organizations [Read More...]

Voices United concert coming to my home town!

Voices United for the Separation of Church and State is putting on concerts across the country to raise funds and awareness for Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  This will include and event in my hometown: the tiny fishing hamlet of Mountain Home, AR.  I about did a double take when I read [Read More...]

Five atheists who should be more well-known.

A while back I did a post about the people I think are the best public atheists.  Now I want to talk about some atheist activists you’ve probably never heard of, or only heard of sparingly, who I think need to be more prominent.  The people on this list are good, honest, humble people who [Read More...]

The American Atheists KC Regional Atheist Meeting is coming up!

And boy, will it be a good one!  The lineup features some of my favorite people in the atheist movement: Greta Christina, Al Stefanelli, David Silverman, Amanda Knief, Katherine Stewart, and more.  (Three of those people made my best atheists list) I’ll be working with Hemant Mehta and contributor to this blog, David Burger, to [Read More...]

ISSA's Brother Jed bingo was a great success!

Yesterday I posted about the Illini Secular Student Alliance’s plan to treat Brother Jed as the joke that he is.  You’ll be happy to know it went extremely well.  Thar be pictures at this link.  Yarrrrr! I especially like this one.  They made a big dry erase board to keep track of all the quips [Read More...]

Why we tussle in public.

It is often asked why we argue in public.  It’s not like we’ll change anybody’s mind, right?  Well, forgetting for a moment that we do actually change people’s minds, we also do it for a host of other reasons.  Likely as a result of my father’s casual and open atheism, he was sent this message [Read More...]

ISSA gets it right on dealing with Brother Jed.

The Illini Secular Student Alliance has been preparing for notorious campus preacher Brother Jed.  They’ve taken some things you’re bound to hear him say and produced a bunch of bingo cards to hand out to the on-lookers. There will be those who say that mocking him makes us look bad.  They’ll insist that we should [Read More...]

Why don't you guys marry him?

Christ.  Now I see why you guys suffer through the dregs that I write. Yes, I will still be posting snippets of stuff from my dad once I’m over at Patheos.  If you guys like him so much, why don’t you take him out to dinner or something? Actually, do that.  And mom too. Chrstina, [Read More...]