The Happy Atom!

Kelley Freeman’s creation-a-day approach to fundraising for SSA Week is going extremely well!  First it was an FSM, then an invisible dragon. Today it’s the Happy Atom! What is the Happy Atom?  Kelley explains: Today’s item is known as the ‘happy atom’ and is the mascot of one of the more well-known Secular Student Alliance [Read More...]

SSA Week update

First and foremost: half the people donating to SSA Week to have me sing a song must really hate me.  Even my friends are getting in on this! Ashley:  So can we choose any song?  No going back? Me:  Can it be one I know? Ashley:  Oh, you know it.  There’s no way anyone doesn’t [Read More...]

WWJTD Blogathon

So many bloggers doing Blogathon (see the schedule here).  I mentioned before that I don’t have a 24-hour period all to myself over the next nine days, but Michaelyn and Christina have some time! Christina will be going this Saturday from 9am-9pm EST.  She’ll be posting every half hour. Michaelyn and I will be tag-teaming [Read More...]

SSA Week update

Hard to gripe too much about raising over half your goal in a single day.  As of right now SSA Week has raised $52,177!  You know how I can tell?   So anytime you’re wondering how well SSA Week is doing you can check over there.  However!  You’ll still want to keep your eye on [Read More...]

Change your facebook for SSA Week!

Check this action out!  Facebook cover pics for SSA Week courtesy of SSA intern Ellen Lundgren. You could even change your main facebook pic if you were feeling super supportive.  And don’t forget to donate a few bucks.  Every bit helps the students next semester! [Read more...]

My work with the SSA

Here’s my personal start to SSA Week.  This post is long.  There is no TL;DR.  Please read it. Let me tell you a little bit about what I do at the SSA.  What you always hear about the SSA is that we’re doing good work.  While that’s very true, I’d like to take a moment [Read More...]

Todd Stiefel AMA

Todd Stiefel is doing his Ask Me Anything over on reddit. Todd is the guy responsible for me having a job.  A donation from the Stiefel Freethought Foundation created the high school program here at the Secular Student Alliance (which I was hired to build).  He’s a great guy, laid back and fun. Head on [Read More...]

SSA Week

The SSA has a sweet matching offer on the table from Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss.  Because we feel like meeting that matching offer this month (it will be evaluated at the end of June) in order to get the fall semester off to a killer start, June 6th-June 16th will be SSA Week. “Isn’t [Read More...]

Dudes can be sexy heathens too!

Got left this on my facebook the other day. How could I not give his blog a plug?  He’s wearing drag!  Plus, he’s written on the DOMA ruling from yesterday and I haven’t, so go check out that post. [Read more...]

Taking a moment to think of the work we do

I received an email yesterday from August, the SSA’s executive director.  It made me tear up. Dear JT Eberhard, At first Jade’s administrators refused to let her form a club for secular students. All she wanted was a place where students could come together and celebrate reason free from judgement and harassment. There were religious [Read More...]