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Hello all! This is Karen Avizur coming to you from sunny and way too hot Orlando! I’m the founder and head of Generation Atheist Orlando on (shameless plug), a new group that I founded when I moved back to Florida after being a member of and helping admin GA in Los Angeles (our sister [Read More...]


Hello. My identification is “Jasper”. I am a socially anxious biped, and apparently I’m going to write a couple posts here while JT goes off and does things. For the most part, I wish to remain anonymous, mostly due to fears of future potential employers searching my name, though some effort could probably reveal who [Read More...]

Poll: should doctors be able to refuse treating a patient due to religious beliefs?

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is running a poll on their website about whether doctors have a right to refuse services to women based on the doctor’s religious beliefs (it’s on the right-hand side bar). I just voted and, right now, 85% of respondents think doctors should be allowed to refuse treatment [Read More...]

Edwina Rogers fired from the SCA.

Edwina Rogers has been fired from the SCA.  Hemant has a write up with more details, but here’s the relevant part via the NYT: Ms. Rogers said in an interview that she was given no warning and no reason for her termination, but suspects that she is being blamed for organization funds discovered to be [Read More...]

A good project for humanity and atheism.

I’ve met “Paul” at a couple atheist conventions.  While on the road I’ve made a great many friends, but because I meet so many people it’s hard for any of them to fall into the category of “people I talk to when we’re not at conventions.”  But when Michaelyn and I met Paul and his [Read More...]

Teacher and administrator at public school shame student for not standing/reciting the pledge of allegiance.

It’s a pity when ideological bullies get placed into a position of power over children. The Southside High School sophomore, who took issue with the pledge’s “under God” clause, sought legal assistance from the secular advocacy group after her high school teacher reportedly threatened her with disciplinary action if she did not rise for the [Read More...]

Andrew Seidel goes on conservative show to discuss Shepherd’s Garden Park and owns host Faith Goldy.

Last week I wrote about the Christian park being built in Iowa that received a $140,000 grant from the state government and how the FFRF was intervening.  This week Andrew Seidel of the FFRF went on the SUN Network (the Canadian equivalent of FOX News) to talk about the situation with (this is really her [Read More...]

Secularists protest Alabama violations of the separation of church and state.

In response to the slew of blatant intermingling of church and state in Alabama recently, about a hundred demonstrators gathered at the steps of the Alabama Capitol to protest: Lisa York Cox says she is concerned about the direction of the Alabama state legislature and other state leadership. “They laws they are trying to pass [Read More...]

Help send a deserving young woman to Camp Quest.

One of the organizers of Camp Quest Kansas City linked me to this post the other day and it seemed like a worthy cause to share: Carey is no longer welcomed at the church camp she attended for years after coming out to her youth group friends and leadership. After a brief stint with Judaism, [Read More...]

Near Fayetteville, AR and want to get same-sex married? This lady will help you get it before the stay.

Got this message on facebook last night: So Laura Phillips is going to be at the Washington County courthouse to marry people. Arkansas can legally marry same sex couples now (although for how long this will last is unsure), and she wants to make sure that someone is there to help people complete the legal [Read More...]