School bringing in prosperity gospel anti-evolution preacher, Joel Osteen

Why? Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why!!?? Ok, here’s the deal.  Joel Osteen is headed to DC to pray with some people.  Big whoop.  But beforehand he’s gonna swing by a local elementary.  I got this email from a concerned parent. So in advance of his crusade, he’s coming to the school [Read More...]

Help Sarah and Simon bowl for abortion

Bowling for abortion…it rolls off the tongue so nicely. Two of my office mates, Sarah Moglia and Simon Keegans, are participating in a fundraiser called Bowling for Abortion.  The name pretty much tells you everything you need to know. The money goes to local abortion providers.  She’s trying to raise $300, and has $157 raised.  [Read More...]

American Airlines listened!

It looks like I can continue to fly on American Airlines. As Kylie Sturgess reports, after a huge outcry from the skeptic community (including lots of signatures on the petition I linked), they decided not to run the anti-vaccination ads.  I’ve gone in and removed my boycott of AA from my speaker page at the [Read More...]

The young are the future

We were tabling at the Dundee Crown High School activism fair on the National Day of Silence (a day of protest in defense of LGBT rights).  There were several people throughout the school who had tape over their mouths signifying that they were participating.  I made a point of congratulating each of them I saw. [Read More...]

American Airlines fucked this one up

I hate Delta Airlines.  They suck immensely.  But I’ll still fly them if they’re cheapest for whatever group bringing me in to speak. Well, American Airlines has just squirmed their way beneath Delta in my eyes.  My speaker page at the SSA has been updated to say that I will not fly AA until they [Read More...]

Skepticon, always pushing the limits

We all know about Skepticon, the monster in-your-face, take-no-prisoners atheist convention right smack dab in the middle of the bible belt.  It’s the place where people like me, PZ, Greta, and Rick Carrier (look at all those FtBers!) go to haul out the claws and shred anybody who conjures the audacity to look us in [Read More...]

Happy Ask an Atheist Day!

Today is Ask an Atheist Day!  Got questions?  Go ahead and ask an atheist! Don’t know where we get our morals from?  Ask us! Do we worship Satan?  Ask away! Do we hate religious people?  Now you can know! Spread word far and wide, and give support to local SSA chapters who are running Ask [Read More...]

Let Obama know about Jessica Ahlquist

The White House is accepting nominations for the Citizen’s Medal. The 2012 Citizens Medal will recognize U.S. citizens who have performed exemplary deeds of service outside of their regular jobs, including individuals: Who have a demonstrated commitment to service in their own community or in communities farther from home. Someone who has engaged in activities that [Read More...]

Skeptics of Oz is this weekend!

Atheist conferences are everywhere!  All the time!  We’re taking over! If you’re around Wichita, KS this weekend, stop by Skeptics of Oz! [Read more...]

A lot of people emailing me need to change their attitudes

The most frequent emails I get from atheists are the ones asking how to get more hits for their web site.  Those emails infuriate me.  Stop sending them. “But JT, don’t you worry about blog hits?” No.  No I don’t.  I’m aware of how many I get.  It’s flattering.  It’s nice to have people read [Read More...]