We Know The Answer

Well look here!  There’s an online poll asking if Cranston West should appeal the judge’s decision in the Jessica Ahlquist case. Show them the right answer. Yes:  43.5% No:  55.2% Not sure:  1.3% Hint: If you like throwing away money earmarked for educating the young, choose yes.  Otherwise, the answer is fuck the hell no. [Read More...]

Portrait Of Hitch To Benefit Reasonfest

Recall that Reasonfest is needing to raise some money for their free access, badass conference on Feb. 11-12.  I’ll be there doing a debate on whether or not god is compatible with science.  Register and attend, it’s freaking awesome and their speaker list is to die for. Michaelyn, my lovely girlfriend, has offered to get [Read More...]

Jessica Ahlquist's AMA Vid

Behold: the face of evil. And the little child shall lead them… I hope I have as much poise when I grow up. [Read more...]

Cranston Commenters #9

(Christina here…) The vile filth and threats  against Jessica Ahlquist continue. These ones are pretty direct. [Read more...]

An Easy Question

<PZ Myers mask> The radio station that employs the cynical man who did the “coerced by evil people” interview is running a poll (scroll down, on the right).  They’re wondering if the judge did the right thing. It’s at… 65% Yes 35% No I’m driving back to Columbus today from the Camp Quest Ohio planning [Read More...]

Law Enforcement Advice?

Someone on twitter under the handle zombiecamera made the following two tweets (he deleted the first). Death to @JessicaAhlquist And… @jessicaahlquist your home address posted online i cant wait to hear about you getting curb stomped you fucking worthless cunt Jessica, brave little trooper she is, retweeted the second. Any of you out there in [Read More...]

Team WWJTD Deploy!

Ok guys.  Jessica Ahlquist is getting some pretty fierce harassment over twitter. Her twitter is @JessicaAhlquist.  If only a bunch of sharp-toothed, debate-savvy people on twitter were to rush to her defense. Leave them in metaphorical pieces. Well, that fight got turned around real fast.  I freaking love all of you.  Stay on ‘em! [Read more...]

Jessica Ahlquist Totally Was the Bad Guy

There is a large, angry mob in Cranston, Rhode Island (and I imagine this mob extends across the United States) who believes Jessica Ahlquist, a shy, overly compassionate high school student is the bad guy.  This boggles my mind. She saw the prayer banner and did not run immediately to the ACLU.  Instead, she informed [Read More...]

Victory for Jessica Ahlquist

Jessica Ahlquist, the brave student at Cranston High School in Rhode Island, has won her lawsuit.  The prayer banner in the Cranston High School gymnasium is coming down. I have often referred to Jessica as the Harry Potter of atheism.  She is young, got thrust into a situation against adults who tried to bully her, [Read More...]

Buy Rock Music, Help Atheism

Todd Stiefel, the man behind the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, is the philanthropist who provided the money for my position with the Secular Student Alliance.  He’s a great guy and apparently a musician (I wonder if he knows about my musical background…perhaps we can jam sometime). His band, Words Such As Burn, which is playing at [Read More...]