Gelato Mio's Newest Apology

For decades the atheist movement has been screaming that bigotry against us is immoral.  Sadly, some people are not sold on that.  But everybody listens to consequences, and the reaction to Gelato Mio’s shenanigans shows that, for the first time, our numbers have grown to such that we can say to anti-atheist bigots that if [Read More...]

Highlights from Skepticon 4

Skepticon 4.  Wow.  Fucking wow.  Katie Hartman, Rob Lehr, Blythe Clutter, Ryan Culbertson-Faegre, Jeffrey Markus, Cody Works, Lauren Lane, and all the other organizers and volunteers put together something very special.  It is not only those who attended who owe them a debt of gratitude, but everybody in this movement. Highlights: [Read more...]

Leadership in the Form of a Shirtless Dancer

Ashley sent me this video.  It sums up the entirety of all the activism work I did in college.  It really captures the essence of leadership and what it takes to make it work. Be the first follower. [Read more...]

99 Problems, but a Finch Ain't One

A member of the Secular Student Alliance affiliate at ECU (the same group that recently did a blasphemous bake sale) linked a picture of his group’s flyer on twitter. Humor freaking rules.  It’s harder to paint us as emotionally empty worshipers of all that is wicked when we’re giggling and posting stuff like this. [Read more...]

SSA at the Reason Rally!

The Reason Rally is coming up and the student atheists are going to be there! In building the page for the SSA @ The Reason Rally, I decided to make an image for the page. Nice, simple.  But it was missing the non-campus organizing people on the SSA staff.  So I made a fix. [Read more...]

Day of Email: Change the Little Things

Getting packed and ready to fly to St. Louis, so I’m just going to answer some emails today. Via facebook: Do you ever ask yourself… How can I make a difference in a world that is so resistant to change? A world that is so blissfully aware of their elected ignorance to and intolerance of [Read More...]

ACS Controversy: This Is God Damn Unacceptable

I am not generally one to flat out ask people to re-post something. Articles should go viral on their own merit. Let me assure you that Greta Christina’s recent Alternet piece on the continuing American Cancer Society controversy has merit, and it needs to be seen by people. Read it. Share it. Tell others to [Read More...]

#ChurchTweet Reminder

For most of us, being an atheist means getting to spend Sunday morning doing whatever we want.  Whatever it is, contribute your wisdom/thoughts to #ChurchTweet on twitter! If you are one of the unfortunate ones who is still forced to occupy a pew, share your frustrations/insights with the rest of us on #ChurchTwitter! For those [Read More...]

Matching Offer For The SSA

As of right now, the SSA’s facebook page has gone from 6.5k likes up to 14,045 likes. This is a valuable currency in the 21st century, which I’ll explain momentarily. Progression so far. Kenny Flagg, a leader with the Freethinkers of The University of North Dakota put this image on the r/atheism subreddit after 1am [Read More...]

Old Pictures Of Troublemaking

Admittedly, I have a bit of a (deserved) reputation as a good-natured troublemaker.  I was going back through some old pics making some last minute tweaks for my webinar tonight when I stumbled upon these images from several years ago. That was a fun and very interesting Sunday morning.  Pics below the fold. [Read more...]