We did good

Jessica Ahlquist was on CNN yesterday and, as usual, did the atheist movement proud. Check the video and note that they talk about the Evil Little Thing shirts. [Read more...]

The best place to start is at the beginning.

I recently extended an invite to my friend, David Burger, to be the second contributor to this blog.  David is the best activist and leader you’ve never heard of.  This is his inaugural post. Please join me in welcoming him aboard! ~JT I’ll start with the best opening line from any speech; My name is [Read More...]

Victory in Cranston

After a roller coaster of a night in which Jessica Ahlquist sat stoic in the back of the auditorium doing what she’s done for the last two years (endured the intimidation tactics of the deeply faithful), the board voted 5-2 not to appeal the original decision. Good.  Let that scrappy young lady enjoy part of [Read More...]

Live-blogging Cranston decision

I’m not on the ground, but I’ve done everything I can to get in contact with various people on the ground.  I’ll be updating this post as I get new info. Seems that #prayerbanner is the hashtag that’s stuck on twitter if you want to monitor things there.  Good luck, Jessica. [Read more...]

Cranston decision tonight

Tonight the banner committee at Cranston West will decide whether or not to appeal their initial loss.  They will convene at 6pm EST but we’ll likely not see a decision until later. This has been a harrowing ordeal for Jessica Ahlquist.  Despite having the support of atheists around the world I’m sure at times, especially [Read More...]

Open letter to Cranston West banner committee

Tomorrow the banner committee will decide whether or not to appeal their loss in the case of the Cranston West prayer banner.  I have written them the following open letter. To the banner committee at Cranston West, I’m writing to you primarily in sympathy because I’m aware that you are in a difficult spot.  You [Read More...]

One "Million" Moms: you lose.

Christina here… Oh look, One “Million” mom’s sent out an email! If you haven’t already heard, Ellen DeGeneres mentioned One Million Moms on her television show yesterday with a few hand-picked Facebook comments that supported her of course. A few days ago, someone created a facebook page: 1 million people who support Ellen for JCPenney which, [Read More...]

Damn, that's a good feeling

The Susan G. Komen Foundation which recently was willing to cede ground to breast cancer to slake conservatives has changed its mind again.  They’re going to continue to give grant money to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening.  w00t! Let’s review what happened here.  Conservatives bullied the Komen Foundation into a decision.  Up until recently, [Read More...]

OneMillionMoms ramps up the hatred after being properly ignored.

Christina here… Oh goodie! I just got another email from OneMillionMoms, the small organization that uses arbitrary large-sounding numbers to pretend they represent more people than they do. If you recall, the last email from them I blogged about here. Here it is, with my comments. [Read more...]

OneMillionMoms hates on Ellen DeGeneres and JCPenney

Christina here… I’m on the mailing list for OneMillionMoms.com. I love getting hateful mail in my mailbox. Here’s what I got today: JC Penney Offends Traditional Families Again February 1, 2012 Dear Christina, Recently JC Penney announced that comedian Ellen Degeneres will be the company’s new spokesperson. Funny that JC Penney thinks hiring an open [Read More...]