Send Cranston a message

Easiest poll ever.  Sadly, the ease of discerning the right choice is no guarantee that religious people will flock on principle to the one that will cost their children’s education Should Cranston appeal Judge Lagueux’s decision on the prayer banner at Cranston West? Yes 76% No  24% Go send them a message. [Read more...]

Hey all you people on twitter who love the Constitution

Jessica Ahlquist has been nominated for a shorty award.  It takes popular support on twitter to win these things. I hear she’s pretty popular.  Fly my bees. Via Randomfactor and Taylor Grenga. [Read more...]

Should Indiana Teach Creationism?

There’s a creationism bill in Indiana that managed to crawl its way out of the ooze.  There’s a poll running asking whether or not Indiana should be ok with creationism being taught. Let’s help them out. Should Indiana public schools include creationism as part of their curriculum? Yes               38% No                54% Don’t know  9% [Read more...]

Ahlquist in the NYT

Despite being drowned in documentation we’ve heard Cranston residents all the way to Michael Egnor squirm around whether or not Jessica Ahlquist is being bullied/harassed.  Perhaps they could take a peek at a headline from yesterday’s New York Times. Student Faces Town’s Wrath in Protest Against a Prayer Yeah… [Read more...]

Atheism saved my friend's life.

Christina here… I want to tell you a story about how we can change the minds of those around us by being ourselves. My friend Sarah (here’s her blog!), who does the camera work for all of my Youtube videos, came to me a few months ago and told me she’d been thinking about death [Read More...]

Well Met, Provo Journal!

The Provo Journal ran a story on our Evil Little Thing shirts (that all of you are buying since the profits go to Jessica Ahlquist’s college fund).  I hope to see a bunch of these at the Reason Rally! Also, many of the more disagreeable commenters have scuttled off, leaving a refreshing number of sane, [Read More...]

Cranston Found Our Shirts!

Tee hee hee! The Providence Journal has an article out about our Evil Little Thing shirts (buy one to look cool and to put a hero through college). Of course, the commenters in there don’t like it very much.  Don’t we atheists know we’re supposed to be dejected when they call someone who is less [Read More...]

We Have Shirts Too

The disappointed denizens of Cranston made some shirts. We see your shirts and raise you adopting your would-be insult as a point of pride and support.  You guys asked for them, and here they are.  I will wear mine to the Reason Rally (and at speaking gigs in general).  I’m an evil little thing.  I [Read More...]

We Know The Answer

Well look here!  There’s an online poll asking if Cranston West should appeal the judge’s decision in the Jessica Ahlquist case. Show them the right answer. Yes:  43.5% No:  55.2% Not sure:  1.3% Hint: If you like throwing away money earmarked for educating the young, choose yes.  Otherwise, the answer is fuck the hell no. [Read More...]

Portrait Of Hitch To Benefit Reasonfest

Recall that Reasonfest is needing to raise some money for their free access, badass conference on Feb. 11-12.  I’ll be there doing a debate on whether or not god is compatible with science.  Register and attend, it’s freaking awesome and their speaker list is to die for. Michaelyn, my lovely girlfriend, has offered to get [Read More...]