Secular Safe Zone Logo

Do you do graphic design skills?  Would you like to help a good cause? The SSA is building a project called Secular Safe Zone that will emulate the successful LGBT Safe Zone campaign.  Originally designed for high schools, the program will include online training sessions every month for teachers and other educators who wish to [Read More...]

Mental Illness Community for Skeptics

A tremendous amount of buzz has been floating around about building an online hub for people with mental disorders who don’t want to hear “Find a higher power” to congregate and get help.  Well, that site is presently being built. The project is being headed up by Elizabeth Sturgeon, and any help she can get [Read More...]

Why The Skeptic Community Must Concern Itself With Mental Illness

Here’s my talk from Skepticon IV. If you agree, please help get the ball rolling.  If you’re a blogger who lives with a mental disorder, write about it.  If you don’t, learn something new about mental illnesses and write a post about what you learned or dispel a myth or share how knowing someone with [Read More...]

David Fitzgerald at Skepticon IV

You will never find a more down-to-earth, friendly guy than David Fitzgerald.  This year he gave a talk on Mormonism. Its content and unabashed giggling at the silliness of the religion will probably offend any Mormons who may watch it.  To which I say, “So what?” [Read more...]

Sam Singleton at Skepticon 4

Here’s the horror, the religion-destroying sermon that has caused so much controversy. Religion is silly.  Silly things do not deserve respect, and Sam makes some great points (to skip past the revival bits and get into the meat of his presentation, click here). Forgive my lousy singing.  I was sick and the mic was not [Read More...]

Skepticon 4 Trailer Vid

I know for a fact that Rob Lehr, the filmographer for Skepticon, has worked all day today and will be working all day tomorrow to crank out videos of the Skepticon talks as soon as possible.  Here’s a trailer. If you have a second, head over to Hambone Productions’ youtube channel and thank him [Read More...]

Gelato Mio's Newest Apology

For decades the atheist movement has been screaming that bigotry against us is immoral.  Sadly, some people are not sold on that.  But everybody listens to consequences, and the reaction to Gelato Mio’s shenanigans shows that, for the first time, our numbers have grown to such that we can say to anti-atheist bigots that if [Read More...]

Highlights from Skepticon 4

Skepticon 4.  Wow.  Fucking wow.  Katie Hartman, Rob Lehr, Blythe Clutter, Ryan Culbertson-Faegre, Jeffrey Markus, Cody Works, Lauren Lane, and all the other organizers and volunteers put together something very special.  It is not only those who attended who owe them a debt of gratitude, but everybody in this movement. Highlights: [Read more...]

Leadership in the Form of a Shirtless Dancer

Ashley sent me this video.  It sums up the entirety of all the activism work I did in college.  It really captures the essence of leadership and what it takes to make it work. Be the first follower. [Read more...]

99 Problems, but a Finch Ain't One

A member of the Secular Student Alliance affiliate at ECU (the same group that recently did a blasphemous bake sale) linked a picture of his group’s flyer on twitter. Humor freaking rules.  It’s harder to paint us as emotionally empty worshipers of all that is wicked when we’re giggling and posting stuff like this. [Read more...]