Guest post: “Richard Dawkins is Coming…to Conservative Town” (To the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

The following is a guest post by Teresa MacBain. In the heart of the south, an atheist student group is making waves! The Kennesaw State University (KSU) Atheists United is hosting Richard Dawkins, November 21, 2014. I, for one, know just how bold and courageous they are in this endeavor. In late summer 2012, KSU [Read More...]

Happy Veterans Day!

For my brother, one of my best friends, my grandfather (who I recently learned was probably an atheist), and all the other veterans out there, thank you.  While I may not always agree with the military actions of the government, I will always appreciate the sweat and sacrifice you put in – and I will [Read More...]

GOP State Rep sponsors bill to put Ten Commandments in Texas’ public schools

Texas State Rep. Dan Flynn (R-02), filed a bill on Monday, the first day legislators could for the upcoming 84th Legislative Session, to keep schools from following the Constitution. The bill, simply titled HB 138, is just a one sentence long addition to Chapter 11 of the Texas Education Code. It reads: The board of trustees of an [Read More...]

Secular Students at the University of North Georgia taking a stand for church/state separation.

I got a press release in my inbox today from the Secular Student Alliance.  It turns out the University of North Georgia is holding mandatory prayers for on campus events for its cadets, which is a legal and ethical no-no. “University of North Georgia students are standing up for the separation of church and state [Read More...]

Guest post: Helen Stringer on the identity of Oasis.

Helen Stringer is an up-and-comer who you will hear more of in the next few years, mark my words.  She is the founder and leader of Kansas City Oasis, a group for which I have spoken and attended again this last weekend.  Because she is so quickly becoming a go-to voice for atheist community building that [Read More...]

American Humanist Association scores big legal win for atheists.

A district judge in Oregon has ruled that Secular Humanism can be considered a religion when deciding if Secular Humanist organizations should enjoy the same rights and privileges as churches: On Thursday, October 30, Senior District Judge Ancer Haggerty issued a ruling on American Humanist Association v. United States, a case that was brought by the American Humanist Association (AHA) [Read More...]

All day Extra Life stream! Raising money for sick children!

Total so far: $1,104/$2,500 Most recent donor: Adam $100 Ok, we’re gaming to raise money for sick children! Watch live video from JTEberhard on For those who don’t know about the Extra Life movement, here’s a video that tells the story: Here’s the situation: I blogged yesterday how I would be starting my fundraiser [Read More...]

We have received a $300 matching offer for the Extra Life fundraiser tomorrow!!!

Geez, so much happening in the news today.  I don’t want to saturate the blog, but I literally have 15 more stories I wanted to write about today (and may crank out a few).  So if this is to be my last post today, let’s end on some good news!  I’ve received a matching offer [Read More...]

Holy crap. I reached my (original) Extra Life fundraising goal without fragging a single n00b.

I just received an email from Extra Life: JT, You came, you saw, you conquered!  Congratulations on another donation and for reaching your fundraising goal with Extra Life.  Your commitment and compassion translates to lifesaving care and equipment for local kids, and we couldn’t be happier that you gave of your time and your voice [Read More...]

Interview with Andrea Desky of the P.A.S.T.A. Foundation.

At Apostacon this year I met a young woman named Andrea Desky,  She gave awesome hugs and was running around all weekend with an expensive-looking camera and a colander on her head.  I found out later that she was the head of a group called the PASTA Foundation which recently got their first blast in [Read More...]