All day Extra Life stream! Raising money for sick children!

Total so far: $1,104/$2,500 Most recent donor: Adam $100 Ok, we’re gaming to raise money for sick children! Watch live video from JTEberhard on For those who don’t know about the Extra Life movement, here’s a video that tells the story: Here’s the situation: I blogged yesterday how I would be starting my fundraiser [Read More...]

We have received a $300 matching offer for the Extra Life fundraiser tomorrow!!!

Geez, so much happening in the news today.  I don’t want to saturate the blog, but I literally have 15 more stories I wanted to write about today (and may crank out a few).  So if this is to be my last post today, let’s end on some good news!  I’ve received a matching offer [Read More...]

Holy crap. I reached my (original) Extra Life fundraising goal without fragging a single n00b.

I just received an email from Extra Life: JT, You came, you saw, you conquered!  Congratulations on another donation and for reaching your fundraising goal with Extra Life.  Your commitment and compassion translates to lifesaving care and equipment for local kids, and we couldn’t be happier that you gave of your time and your voice [Read More...]

Interview with Andrea Desky of the P.A.S.T.A. Foundation.

At Apostacon this year I met a young woman named Andrea Desky,  She gave awesome hugs and was running around all weekend with an expensive-looking camera and a colander on her head.  I found out later that she was the head of a group called the PASTA Foundation which recently got their first blast in [Read More...]

Legal win: Texas school district agrees to stop announcing local church events.

This one comes from the American Humanist Association’s legal team: The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center received a notice from school district officials at Lake Dallas Independent School District in Corinth, Texas, that the Lake Dallas High School’s football stadium public announcement system will no longer be used to advertise church gatherings held [Read More...]

American Atheists launches #AtheistVoter campaign.

I found a press release in my inbox this morning from American Atheists describing their campaign to get atheists out to vote.  Here are the deets: On Tuesday, American Atheists announced the launch of the #AtheistVoter Campaign, a two-week initiative on social media to encourage atheists, humanists, agnostics, and other non-religious U.S. citizens to voice [Read More...]

Guest post from Licking, OH resident: school system awash in church/state violations.

Something I’ve learned in my time as an activist is that sometimes letting school officials who are violating the separation of church and state know that their behavior is becoming a national issue is a powerful deterrent.  Which brings me to an email I received last night from a resident of Licking County, OH.  It [Read More...]

Lord’s Prayer forced on students in Texas high school marching band

This story was brought to my attention by a friend and neighbor who is the mother of a student who will soon be attending Lewisville High School, part of the Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) that my daughter also goes to, and she was worried that her student might feel left out of the high school [Read More...]

Are you in or near Santa Clara, CA and want to use church money for a good cause?

I just saw this image posted by American Atheists on facebook: It’s actually a decent investment.  If you convince one new person who tithes for any decent amount of time, your church likely turns a profit. Anyway, when I saw this I thought to myself, “What if that money was going to a homeless shelter [Read More...]

Got spare money and want to make atheism accessible to everybody? Consider helping Skepticon.

Skepticon represents a pretty swell ideal: make influential and upcoming voices in atheism/skepticism available to everybody – and that includes everybody who can’t even afford $5 for a ticket.  That’s why it’s always free and why the talks are always uploaded for all (but with advertisements, all of the proceeds of which go to charity). [Read More...]