Help the Ra-men.

Aron Ra and Mark Nebo (from Be Secular), both super good dudes, are working on an awesome new podcast, The Ra Men. Aron describes the endeavor this way: “I want to promote science specifically and education in general, and I’ve found that videos are the best way I can do that. I can reach the grass roots audience I’m aiming for, [Read More...]

One of my first atheist heroes, Victor Stenger, dead at 79.

Hemant reports that the great Victor Stenger is dead.  He is neither in heaven or hell, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is the mark he left in the world we all share.  If a person’s greatness is defined by the number minds changed and lives altered, Victor Stenger memory shall reside in the most [Read More...]

Teacher-led religious club at Texas middle school disbanded.

The law is very clear when it comes to school clubs: religious clubs can meet, but the faculty sponsor of the club cannot evangelize within them (just as an atheist teacher couldn’t tell a religious student they were wrong) and most certainly cannot use class time to preach.  A teacher at a Texas middle school [Read More...]

Corrections officer in Alabama threatens the life of atheist activist. Police don’t seem to care.

The city of Mobile, Alabama is considering putting the words “In God We Trust” on the city’s administration building.  You may wonder what kind of message that sends to any atheists walking its halls.  They might ask “Are we atheists a part of “we”?”  Well, if you don’t trust in god, apparently not. So Amanda [Read More...]

Guest post by American Atheists VP Kathleen Johnson rebutting Todd Starnes and Navy bibles.

My education is in music and my expertise is in debate, but there are so many things and areas where, at best, I’m a well-informed layman.  So I bring in experts like Anne Orsi (a lawyer who occasionally blogs on legal stuffs) or Christina Stephens to blog on science. Which leads me to an exciting [Read More...]

New blogs on the Patheos atheist channel!

Patheos picking up some of the best free agents out there!  We’ve added Neil Carter’s blog Godless in Dixie as well as the blog of CFI’s Communications Director Paul Fidalgo, iMortal.  Both are spectacular. Soon we’ll also be adding fellow American Atheist Magazine colunist Dan Arel (who guest posted here while I was getting married). [Read More...]

Atheist TV coming to Roku.

I never thought I’d see the day when an atheist TV channel would exist, but ‘lo, here it is: American Atheists is excited to announce what is believed to be the first atheism-dedicated television channel, Atheist TV.  In partnership with internet-streaming service Roku, which offers devices similar to cable boxes to bring hundreds of channels [Read More...]

Help a young atheist conservationist get educated!

I met Niki at a conference she was helping to run a while back.  She was extremely kind and a very hard worker.  And now she’s been accepted into the University of Exeter’s Animal Behavior Master’s program. It’s one of the only behavioral programs in the world that combines biology and psychology and, by that [Read More...]

Guest post by Kelsey Joe Starr: the SCA’s #KnitABrick campaign.

The following is a guest post by Kelsey Jo Starr who is currently rocking out at Camp Quest Michigan.  Kelsey is a rising senior at Virginia Tech University where she studies political science and psychology.  Kelsey Jo has served as the vice president of the Freethinkers at Virginia Tech and is a communications intern at [Read More...]

Thought I had about the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Something I thought about today when reflecting on how much ass the Freedom From Religion Foundation kicks (and this really applies to many atheist organizations) was how they’re winning most of their battles with less resources.  If you think they have as much money, or even close to as much money, as groups like the [Read More...]