Siouxland Freethinkers to give secular invocation at city council meeting.

In the wake of the SCOTUS’s horrid ruling the the Greece case, atheists everywhere are signing up to give atheist invocations.  The Siouxland Freethinkers are all over it: After the U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing governing bodies to open meetings with a prayer, an atheist group has signed up to give its own sort of [Read More...]

In the wake of the Greece ruling, FFRF introduces the “Nothing Fails Like Prayer” award.

The Supreme Court’s folly is your chance to make a statement and get paid.  :) FFRF, the nation’s largest association of freethinkers, with more than 20,000 atheist and agnostic members nationwide, is responding to the hostile court ruling by announcing a “Nothing Fails Like Prayer Award.” The award will be given to citizens who succeed [Read More...]

Interview with atheist Congressional candidate James Woods part 3 and 4.

Here are the last parts of my interview with James Woods.  :) You can find James on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and linkedin.  And, most importantly, you can donate to his campaign here. I apologize for the audio.  I’m not sure why there’s all that excess noise.  :( If you haven’t seen the rest of the interview, click here to [Read More...]

Camp Quest Oklahoma desperately needs more male counselors.

Someone affiliated with CQOK left this unfortunate message on my facebook the other day: Last night, I received a phone call from West Ruffin, Director of Camp Quest Oklahoma. Apparently, they have a major shortage of male councilors this year, and are in desperate need of volunteers. If they don’t get them, then up to [Read More...]

US army acknowledges humanist as a religious preference.

It turns out that nobody is too atheist to fight for your freedoms and that there are soldiers who don’t let fear rob them of the critical thinking – and thus, there are atheists in fox holes.  The US army has acknowledged another flavor of such men and women by allowing them to etch “Humanist” [Read More...]

Help Ed Brayton fight a lawsuit.

The other day Ed posted: So it looks like I’m going to be sued by a white supremacist who doesn’t like it that I’ve called him a white supremacist several times over the last few years. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail right now because I need to hire an attorney [Read More...]

The thing about bringing your message into a public forum is that other people can respond…

This image made me smile: When religious people attempt to sell their story in public, it’s free game.  Oh you know what the pre-ordained purpose for my life is?  One can only wonder why god told you and not me.  That’s cool though.  By the way, god told me that your purpose was to give [Read More...]

Humanity, not just atheism, has lost a great man. Edwin Kagin lived well.

David Silverman has just reported that Edwin Kagin, the man who was the legal director at American Atheists, and my friend, has died. He was 73. While the “media” atheists get much of the attention, those close to the atheist movement know that most of the progress is achieved by the people working behind the [Read More...]

Dave Silverman is not anti-choice.

And here we go again. So David Silverman is getting a lot of grief over this statement at CPAC:  “I will admit there is a secular argument against abortion. You can’t deny that it’s there, and it’s maybe not as clean cut as school prayer, right to die, and gay marriage.” He’s right, you can’t [Read More...]

Toss some dollars into the Reasonfest pot.

Hey all.  Reasonfest this year will be April 4-5 on the campus of the University of Kansas in Lawrence and will feature stars such as Dr. Darrel Ray, Ed Brayton, and Dan Barker.  We’ve just added Sarah Morehead from Recovering From Religion.  There will be a student panel and a debate (featuring either Dan Barker [Read More...]