Introducing a new contributor: Gabrielle.

At the American Atheist Convention this year I met a young woman named Gabrielle (she was at the debate workshop and she stood out because every day she had a different, really elaborate eye makeup on).  Gabrielle has actually delayed attending college to try and make it as an atheist activist.  Her chosen medium is [Read More...]

Tomorrow’s gonna be a bit slow.

Some of you may have noticed that Patheos is being really slow on the backend and returning random 504 errors, so I’m going to queue all remaining posts for today for tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m really busy, so content will probably be a little light.  There is an fMRI study being done at KU and they’re [Read More...]

Welcome three new science bloggers to WWJTD!

In an effort to make sure the blog stays up to date with various subjects related to atheism, I’ve elected to bring on some science writers.  While I’m decently informed for a layman, I can’t comment as fully on many science-related stories as I’d like.  These three will hopefully fill that void. Amanda is an [Read More...]

Welcome “Brooke” as a contributor.

Brooke is a friend I’ve met on the road who might be more passionate about being an activist than anybody I know.  I also wanted to pick up someone who can write competently about sex, since Christina has mostly moved on to being her own internet figure (they grow up so fast).  Sex is an [Read More...]

Possible solution to “play store” problem.

Just saw this from one of the tech people at Patheos: For anyone getting (or having) complaints about the ios hack that reroutes people from Patheos to the App store or deadend pages, tell them to update to the latest version of the Facebook Mobile app. It seems to have patched the hole that allowed [Read More...]

About those annoying ads and trouble with iphones accessing the blog.

Pure copy/paste from Hemant: I know you’re all annoyed by the autoplay video ads on this site… and if you’re reading this on an iPhone, you’ve probably been redirected to the App store by now. A few comments about that: It annoys the hell out of me, too. It’s frustrating when even I can’t read [Read More...]

For those having trouble accessing the blog via iphone.

I know it has a tendency to pop up the app store for some game.  The tech people at Patheos know this and are trying to fix it.  That’s all I can say, but at least be comforted that it’s being worked on. <3 [Read more...]

A WWJTD advice column?

I got an email from somebody I trust deeply last night that read: I was thinking given the relationship you have with the readers that a regular advice column might be a good move. To me it sounds pretentious for a guy who’s about to be 33 with no real expertise in much doling out [Read More...]

Molly Williams joining the guest posting line up.

You may have noticed that I let Jasper and Daniel Moran hang around the blog and post whenever they like after a stint blogging here while I got married.  I was recently turned on to another blog, this one written by Molly Williams (who has done youtube videos that got posted to the Friendly Atheist, [Read More...]

Want to take over my blog for a few days?

Hey all. So…I’m getting married next Saturday.  Things are going to be a mad house around here.  We’re housing a few of the groomsmen here throughout the week and preparations are going to be…well, wedding preparations. So I’m looking for a few people who’d like to take over my blog starting later in the week [Read More...]