A WWJTD advice column?

I got an email from somebody I trust deeply last night that read: I was thinking given the relationship you have with the readers that a regular advice column might be a good move. To me it sounds pretentious for a guy who’s about to be 33 with no real expertise in much doling out [Read More...]

Molly Williams joining the guest posting line up.

You may have noticed that I let Jasper and Daniel Moran hang around the blog and post whenever they like after a stint blogging here while I got married.  I was recently turned on to another blog, this one written by Molly Williams (who has done youtube videos that got posted to the Friendly Atheist, [Read More...]

Want to take over my blog for a few days?

Hey all. So…I’m getting married next Saturday.  Things are going to be a mad house around here.  We’re housing a few of the groomsmen here throughout the week and preparations are going to be…well, wedding preparations. So I’m looking for a few people who’d like to take over my blog starting later in the week [Read More...]

F_galton is no more.

After arriving in Arkansas and reading the votes in f_galton’s trial, I have concluded that he drives away good conversation and that he has, in fact, crossed the line sufficiently to merit a ban.  I blocked his email, user name, and IP address. Carry on. [Read more...]

The trial of f_galton.

I enjoy having Christians read and comment here (bad arguments and all).  I want there to be a dialogue.  In fact, I think to date I’ve banned more atheists than religious people here for crossing the line multiple times. F_galton is on the fence with me.  He seems to try to argue (poorly, but sincerely). [Read More...]

Welcome Count Dolby von Luckner to WWJTD.

You may have noticed a post earlier about red-hot Victorian atheism that was not written by me (indeed, my style now seldom delves into that level of eloquence).  If you look under the title you’ll see it was posted by “Dolby”.  So who is this fishy Dolby character?  He is actually the cartoonist Count Dolby [Read More...]

New comment policy.

Behold!  There is a new tab atop my blog shining like a beacon of dread to all those who would dare to submit their opinions.  Click on that tab to see my new comment policy.  It is short, simple, to the point, and denies any shitty people the outlet of rules-lawyering in order to prolong [Read More...]

Posts going up a little later today.

Good news: I’m making friends already.  A local friend helped me move when my box arrived. Bad news:  He’s moving today and I’m going to be a good friend/person and return the favor.  This means posts will go up a little later.  Be brave. [Read more...]

Sorry for the lack of content…

I’ve spent the last six hours on a single blog post about the CFI hullabaloo.  It’s sure to be controversial, so I’m having a few people look at it.  I might post it tonight but more likely tomorrow. Patience, grasshoppah. [Read more...]

Comment moderation issues.

Disqus apparently didn’t save any of my banned IPs and email addresses, so I’ve had to go back and re-add the trolls who have figured this out.  However, it seems to create a whole new list of random ban qualifications that are preventing comments from people who are allowed in.  *grumble* Anyway, I got into [Read More...]