The Legend of Uncle Bobolink, Part III.

THE LEGEND OF UNCLE BOBOLINK PART I THE LEGEND OF UNCLE BOBOLINK PART II This continues the saga of a troll who keeps swapping his IP address to get around being banned, and who keeps having his comments mysteriously altered by a powerful sorcerer. With sudden relief, Bobolink remembered some of Faithbrand’s magical qualities: it [Read More...]

The Legend of Uncle Bobolink, Part II.

THE LEGEND OF UNCLE BOBOLINK PART I Bobolink has returned, once again morphing his IP address.  Once again, his comments were edited for my (and now your) amusement. “For Reasonsbane!” shouted Bobolink, charging the castle with a vigor accumulated over years of stewing and grumbling to himself while reading atheist blogs. Sadly, in the dark [Read More...]

Welcome Anne, the legal columnist.

In Little Rock I met Anne, an attorney who loves to write.  It occurred to me that many of the questions I get via email are about law, so I asked her if she’d be willing to write a legal column for the blog.  She agreed. Her column will run every Thursday and will be [Read More...]

My comment policy…

…is very simple.  Regardless of what side you’re on, if all you do is toss insults around then you’re lucky if I’m feeling lazy and ban you outright.  If I’m feeling feisty, as I usually am, I edit your comment for my own amusement. Behold, a comment from a tremendously unpleasant fellow named “observer.”  It [Read More...]

Patheos blogger deleting posts.

Dwight Longenecker (whom I refuse to call “Father”), runs a blog here at Patheos called Standing on my Head.  He has recently deleted a couple of posts, both having to do with atheists.  Hank Fox over at Freethoughtblogs wrote about the most recent one. No, there’s no crime been committed. This is the blogging world, [Read More...]

Steven Olsen joins WWJTD!

He’s an old college roommate of mine and one of the nicest organizers in the movement.  He’ll be writing a weekly column every Monday (and probably some other posts here and there) about atheists in the movement who deserve more of our attention. He’s an immensely talented writer who now joins Christina, Dr. Dave, and [Read More...]

Don’t troll my blog.

Let this commenter tell you why. My comment policy is simple: I’ll ban you if I feel like it.  I’ve banned probably about as many atheists as believers at this point.  If you’re derailing threads with nothing to contribute, you’ll get a warning.  If you keep doing it, you get the ban hammer. Of course, [Read More...]

Administrative: spam filter and thanks

Last night I went through my spam filter and found out that a few of you had gotten trapped in there under the new Patheos settings.  I did some fixing so any comments that got eaten should be posted.  The authors of those comments should also be able to post. If you have trouble, shoot [Read More...]

Google reader donations working.

Sorry about the hang up. If you were one of the people who doesn’t like clicking through to articles, but who wants to contribute to the blog, the widget on the right side of the page now works.  Sorry about that. [Read more...]

Google reader donations.

In response to my post asking google reader users to click through to the site, several of you emailed me (or commented) to say you’d rather just make a donation to the site each month than take the time to click through. I’ll dun people for money repeatedly for a charitable cause, but I don’t [Read More...]