Administrative: spam filter and thanks

Last night I went through my spam filter and found out that a few of you had gotten trapped in there under the new Patheos settings.  I did some fixing so any comments that got eaten should be posted.  The authors of those comments should also be able to post. If you have trouble, shoot [Read More...]

Google reader donations working.

Sorry about the hang up. If you were one of the people who doesn’t like clicking through to articles, but who wants to contribute to the blog, the widget on the right side of the page now works.  Sorry about that. [Read more...]

Google reader donations.

In response to my post asking google reader users to click through to the site, several of you emailed me (or commented) to say you’d rather just make a donation to the site each month than take the time to click through. I’ll dun people for money repeatedly for a charitable cause, but I don’t [Read More...]

Speaking updates.

First, a reminder that I’m speaking at the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology on Saturday (to a largely religious audience, I’m told).  Get all the details here. Second, I’ve added the “Speaking Schedule” tab to the top of this page.  That will be updated with where I’ll be mumbling about on stage and when. Third, [Read More...]

Full page entries in google reader.

Here’s the deal guys. I moved here to make more money in an effort to pay the bills as a writer.  I get paid per hit and google reader views do not count toward that.  So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to ask Patheos to switch my blog over to full-page entries [Read More...]

My new place.

I’m standing on the porch holding a small cardboard box.  The wood beneath my shoes shows many signs of age and is neither painted or stained.  However, it’s a pleasant change from the overgrown grass creeping up over the walkway and giving the chiggers a springboard up to my calves. The house itself is a [Read More...]

Life changes

There will be a lot of changes in my life over the next week.  Two big ones I want to talk about here. First, I have quit my job at the Secular Student Alliance.  This has been coming for a few weeks now.  It was an amicable split and it was certainly not a quit-or-be-fired [Read More...]

Get to know the contributors: Michaelyn

As I said last week, I plan to do a post in which I interview each of the people who contribute to this blog (you can read about them by clicking that fancy “contributors” button at the top of the page).  Today is my lovely girlfriend, Michaelyn. [Read more...]

Meet the contributors!

So, this blog has three official contributors: Christina, Dr. Dave, and Michaelyn.  They’re all badass – that’s why they’re here.  I think the world should know them better. I plan to do a get-to-know-you post for each of them sometime in the near future.  Leave comments here if there’s anything specifically you want me to [Read More...]

I haz website

A few days ago the interns at the SSA, Ellen Lundren and Dave Muscato, surprised me with this page. It links to a real website.  I don’t really know what to say.  I’ve got the blog and everything, but at least the web site gives me a space to store my speaking schedule.  It also [Read More...]