Want to keep commenting here? Don't derail threads.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m very reticent to ban anybody.  However, in the last week there have been a couple posts where there was very great potential for conversation in which those of us who may not fully understand an issue could be helped to understand it better.  Those comment threads were hugely [Read More...]

I won't comment

Today the Secular Coalition for America announced their new executive director.  Her name is Edwina Rogers and she is admittedly an unorthodox choice.  This has excited some and boggled others, all of which are sending me emails asking my opinion. Here’s the deal.  I work for the Secular Student Alliance, one of the member organizations [Read More...]

CL emails

I’ve had requests for the emails between myself and cl that were the beginnings of my first attempt at a blogalog.  Here’s the story. After the pleasantries, it started with cl.  His emails will be in green, mine in blue. [Read more...]

Kent State rocked!

Kent State was interesting. I had added a lot of new material, but I thought of even more on the drive up to KSU.  So I got there, hauled out my laptop, and sent to work.  Then Kay, the organizer, told me she expected a good turnout of religious people.  So I played a game: [Read More...]

Here comes the ban hammer

I recently accepted a blogalog with a commenter named cl.  It has proven frustrating due to the endless and superfluous minutia of just trying to get a conversation started (such as demands that I define “evidence”). I recently received an email from Adam Lee over at Daylight Atheism. OK, so here’s the deal with cl: [Read More...]

To the more hateful commenters on this blog

There’s been an uptick in the drive-by “insult JT personally” brand of believers lately.  Whether it’s making fun of me for my mental illness or hypothesizing about the size of my genitalia, there are a couple things you true believers should bear in mind. 1.  Note our differences. You may not like it that I’m [Read More...]

Congratulations to Stephanie Zvan – FtB will miss you!

Last month I got to give a talk in Minneapolis where I was given Conan the Bar-Bear-ian in exchange for speaking.  One of the attendees was sci-fi writer Stephanie Zvan, the author of the blog Almost Diamonds here on FtB.  I had wanted to meet her for a while and was pleasantly surprised to find [Read More...]

Break out the bubbly!

Yesterday WWJTD received its one millionth hit since joining Freethought Blogs. I have always written whatever’s on my mind, and have insisted to Christina and Dr. Dave, my two contributors (follow them on twitter, they are @Ziztur and @DrDavidBurger respectively), that they write because they are moved to write, not to follow a schedule and [Read More...]

Best of WWJTD?

For a super secret project I need to compile a Best of WWJTD list. Are there any posts I’ve done that have stuck out to you?  Any you have bookmarked? Help me out! [Read more...]

Use My Material

Today, in the process of thumping Michael Egnor (and other believers), I’ve put up a lot of stuff about separation of church and state as well as the arguments coming out of Cranston, Rhode Island.  As with all other things I’ve ever written if, in the future, you have use of them, use them.  Copy [Read More...]