National Atheist Party Drops the Name “Atheist”

In a press release Thursday, the National Atheist Party announced that for the second time in two years, it is changing its name. Perhaps you haven’t heard of the party. It’s a political party, but it does not run candidates for office. It styles itself as a “Constitutional movement … dedicated to the preservation of [Read More...]

Why We Should Not Believe in Evolution

Anne here. I’m telling you up front and in advance that it’s me, emphasizing that the “by” thingie up there doesn’t lie,  so you won’t get mad at JT for not believing in evolution. Maybe he’ll thank me for that. Maybe he won’t. Maybe he’ll come out of his evolution belief closet, too, after he [Read More...]

To Arms! – Heavenly Pizza Promotes Massacre of Gay People

When it comes to picking cherries, Heavenly Pizza fills a whole pie. Heavenly Pizza posted a reference to Leviticus after the Supreme Court decisions last week. Looking it up was an exercise in excess caution. Leviticus 20:13 says exactly what we predicted it would say: If a man lies with a male as with a [Read More...]

What the DOMA and Prop 8 Cases Mean

Anne here. It’s not over. Yes, we got a victory in the DOMA case. Mostly. We also – pretty much – got a victory in the Prop 8 case. But there remains much work to be done. For one thing, Same-sex marriage is not the law of the land. Each state can still discriminate. Some [Read More...]

FFRF is Disgusted With Texas

The Freedom From Religion Foundation had a a little something to say earlier this week about the new Texas law that ensures that teachers can keep right on saying “Merry Christmas.” Grandstanding pols in Texas last week passed the “Merry Christmas” bill, supposedly to ensure that public school students and teachers can say “Merry Christmas” [Read More...]

More Congressional Insensitivity to Atheists and More Ignorance

Anne here…. It just doesn’t stop. The stupidity rife through the ranks of our elected officials, I mean. Despite the fact that nonreligious make up as much as a third of our young people, and the fact that the numbers of the nonreligious are growing, Congress just can’t get its collective head out of its [Read More...]

House Resolution to Open School Board Meetings with Prayers

Anne here… (Just like JT, I’m making up for a dearth of postings over the last few weeks.) On Thursday, June 6, Rep. Tim Walberg of Michigan introduced House Resolution 250. The resolution declares Congress’s support for opening local school board meetings with prayer. The proposed resolution states that the United States was founded on the [Read More...]

Tennessee Hates Muslims. Who Knew?

Anne here, with another item from the Hatewatch Headlines of the Southern Poverty Law Center…. Tennessee has been a hotbed of anti-Muslim activism for years, especially after plans were laid to build an Islamic center in Murfreesboro. There have been bomb threats and numerous conferences centered on the unfounded but widely hyped fear that Shariah [Read More...]

Study Debunks Claim that Kids of Same-Sex Parents Do Less Well

Anne here… The Southern Poverty Law Center alerts us to a new study out of Australia about children growing up in households led by same-sex parents: In the latest blow to anti-gay forces, a major study conducted at the University of Melbourne in Australia has found that children of same-sex parents do as well or [Read More...]

‘The Devil’s After Our Children’

…or so says Pickens County, South Carolina. Anne here, with FFRF’s news release dated yesterday explaining just what it’s going to do with that particular devilish little problem. FFRF Calls Out Pickens County Schools’ Multiple Religious Offenses News Release: June 6, 2013 The Freedom From Religion Foundation is placing the blame for a string of [Read More...]