APPEARANCES: Interview with the Godless Engineer.

Last night I was the guest on the Godless Engineer’s youtube show.  Here it is: I had a lot of fun. A+++ would do again. If you want to learn more about the Godless Engineer, scope out his facebook and his twitter. [Read more...]

APPEARANCES…ISH?: Christian blogger “Asks An Atheist” and posts mine and Neil Carter’s answers.

Rebecca Florence Miller is probably my favorite Christian blogger.  I know the competition isn’t that thick, but she’s a great person who obviously cares about atheists and conducts herself (and approaches questions/challenges of her faith) with integrity.  I like her. So for Ask An Atheist Day yesterday she wrangled together myself and Neil Carter so [Read More...]

APPEARANCES: I’ll be on with Godless Engineer tonight at 10pm Eastern for Ask An Atheist Day.

As many of you know, today is Ask An Atheist Day.  John Gleason, the Godless Engineer, has gathered a bunch of questions atheists are frequently asked.  I’ll be joining him to answer some of them at 10pm Eastern Time.  At that time, just click here to tune in. If you want to check out the [Read More...]

APPEARANCES: The God Theory Podcast episode 6, atheist conventions.

I’ve long supported the Game Theory Podcast with hosts David Drake and Jeremiah Beene.  David is an expert in literature while Jeremiah is a psychological expert studying violence in video games.  They’re entertaining and have great insights from their relevant fields. I’ve also known they are both atheists, who sometimes let it “slip” into the [Read More...]

APPEARANCES: My interview with Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Here’s the episode of Dogma Debate where I took over to interview Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu from Mystery Science Theater 3000.  The actual interview starts at 52:22: I can tell that I’m nervous, but I thought the pacing was pretty good.  Overall I was happy, even if I was shaking for an hour after [Read More...]

APPEARANCES: I’m taking over Dogma Debate tonight at #AACon15 to interview part of the cast of MST3K!

David Smalley, the host of Dogma Debate, has asked me if I will take the mic of Dogma Debate’s live broadcast tonight from the American Atheists Convention to interview Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff from Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Beaulieu played Dr. Clayton Forrester and provided the voice of Crow while Conniff played Forrester’s henchman, [Read More...]

APPEARANCES: I’ll be at the American Atheist convention this weekend.

So I’ll be in Memphis Wednesday through Sunday.  I’m doing something for the conference pretty much every day whether it’s hosting a debate workshop with Matt Dillahunty, moderating a panel on secular authors, or giving my usual dinner speech on Friday.  It’ll be a hoot, as always. If you’re going to be there, look me [Read More...]

APPEARANCES: Come see me speak in Columbia, Missouri this weekend (SASHA Con).

I’ll be speaking along with some other groovy people at SASHA Con in Columbia, MO this weekend.  David Tamayo and Greg Lammers, two of my favorite speakers, will be there. The whole conference will take place on the Mizzou campus in Mumford Hall room 133.  Here are directions and tips on parking.  :) It’s free [Read More...]

HUMOR & GODLESSNESS: MST3K to riff on “God’s Not Dead” at American Atheist Convention.

I know I haven’t said it yet, but I’ll be at the American Atheist Convention in Memphis for like, five days this year.  I’ll be doing a workshop, giving a talk, hosting a panel…it’s going to be a big time and I hope to see some of you there.  :) One of the best parts [Read More...]

Episode of Atheist Analysis with myself, Danielle Muscato, and Sarah Morehead.

Here’s last night’s episode that I was on (along with some other people :P). [Read more...]