Appearances in the fall.

My speaking schedule for the fall is nearly full.  If you want to get me, time is winding down.  I’m also starting to get gigs in spring of 2013 (American Atheists National Convention, Skeptics of Oz, and Skeptech to name a few).  Crazy times. Here’s how it looks so far. August 1 – Denver, CO [Read More...]

Anybody in Denver want some company?

Poker in the Church is coming up!  It’s a charity event for Foundation Beyond Belief being held at the Freethought Film Festival.  It will take place on August 1 in a nightclub called “The Church,” which looks pretty swanky. It should be fun.  They have a good list of freethought celebrities playing.  My marks will [Read More...]

FtB podcast #2

Last night PZ Myers, Ashley Miller, Chris Rodda, and myself sat down to talk about education.  Enjoy! For help getting through it: Drink every time Chris Rodda says David Barton Drink every time PZ mocks me for video games Drink every time Ashley and I start laughing apparently unrelated to anything happening in the conversation [Read More...]

Come hang out tomorrow

If you’re around Northern Ohio tomorrow, I’ll be at the Mohican State Park (3116 State Rd. 3 in Loudonville, OH) at 11am on July 15 for the Annual Mid Ohio Atheists Summer Picnic.  I’ll be giving a brief talk about community building. I’ll be giving out free hugs to promote a world that doesn’t suck.  [Read more...]

Talk from Madison Freethought Festival: why the arguments for god's existence suck

Enjoy! [Read more...]

Rocking faces at Lake Hypatia with legend of atheism

I’m having a blast down here in Lake Hypatia.  Thanks to the magic of scheduled posts, I should be giving my talk right about now. Here’s a pic.  From left to right it’s Darrel Ray, Al Stefanelli, myself, and Ed Buckner.  Ed has been building me up as a god of public speaking.  No pressure [Read More...]

SSA Annual Conference coming up!

This weekend will be your last chance to pre-register for the Secular Student Alliance’s Annual Leadership Conference.  It’s insanely cheap for what you get.  Your registration cost will cover some of your meals and get you access to the impressive lineup of presenters like Matt Dillahunty, Greta Christina, Jen McCreight, David Fitzgerald, Adam Lee, Hemant [Read More...]

Updates for Skepticon 5

Skepticon 5, the world’s largest free atheist/skeptics event, is rolling merrily along.  They’re rolling out this year’s speakers slowly, with promises to release more immediately if they meet their fundraising goals.  The first four speakers have been announced and, I dare say, it would be a worthwhile trip just to see this group for free. [Read more...]

Where I'll be in July

This weekend I’ll be in Lake Hypatia, Alabama for the FFRF’s pre-Independence Day event.  It’s pretty. I’ll be doing another tweaked version of Dear Christian, with elements from DC1 and upcoming DC2 that I’m writing for Skepticon.  Think of it as a closed beta weekend. I’ll have the unenviable task of sharing the stage with [Read More...]

I get interviewed sometimes

I was on Meet the Skeptics recently. Listen to it here. Yesterday I did an interview with Dan Fincke over at Camels with Hammers for SSA Week/Blogathon.  I was one amongst a litany of impressive company.  You can read mine here. One of my favorite lines from that interview was when Dan asked how I [Read More...]