Catch me on Atheist Analysis tonight alongside Danielle Muscato and Sarah Morehead.

Tonight at 10pm EST I’ll be on the Atheist Analysis podcast where, honestly, I’ll be overshadowed by Danielle Muscato (Communications Director at American Atheists) and Sarah Morehead (Executive Director of Recovering From Religion).  We’ll be shooting the breeze about activist work, atheist billboards, and the future of the atheist movement. If you want to tune [Read More...]

I’m going to be on the 24-hour Dogma Debate podcast to benefit Foundation Beyond Belief.

Dogma Debate is one of my favorite podcasts to both listen to and on which to appear.  And starting at 2pm EST/11am PST they’re going to be hitting the mic for 24 straight hours to benefit Foundation Beyond Belief.  The goal is a cool $10,000.  I believe! They have an all-star lineup, and look where [Read More...]

Hear my appearance on the Unbelievers Podcast (“War on Christmas” episode).

Hi all!  I’m headed to Omaha today for the Activism in Action conference.  I’ll leave you with my recent appearance on the Unbelivers Podcast. Spreaker: [Read more...]

Skepticon talks: my talk “God Is An Idiot.”

Here’s my talk from Skepticon 7.  Enjoy! [Read more...]

Catch me and Michaelyn in Omaha this weekend!

This is a first, and bound to be one of my fondest of memories.  Michaelyn and I are headlining a one day conference in Omaha this weekend! The conference is called Activism in Action and is being put on by the Omaha Atheists.  I’ll be giving my talk “God Is An Idiot” and Michaelyn will [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: Heading out for Skepticon 7 today.

Ugh, I woke up this morning to see a gajillion things I wanted to write about.  However, this morning Michaelyn, Dr. Dave, and I set off for Skepticon 7.  I think I’ll just cram them all into one post after this one. This seemed like a good time to indulge in some nostalgia. Here’s my [Read More...]

Join me at 11pm for a live broadcast to the Moran for Texas campaign!

Tonight at 11pm Eastern Time I will be live-streaming a message to the election party of Daniel Moran, the open atheist running for state House down in Texas – and I’m bringing some friends.  Which friends?  Welp, you’ll just have to wait and see. I invite you to join me.  Doing what Daniel did takes [Read More...]

Off to Boise and to Kansas City.

Tomorrow I fly out to Boise State for a lecture and a debate.  Wednesday night I’ll be talking about religion and politics.  The following night I’ll be debating Bill Pubols over whether or not you can be moral without god.  It should be a rocking good time.  You should definitely come out.  Details are at [Read More...]

I’ll be on Logic Cast tonight at 9pm EST with Jeremiah Beene discussing Islam.

Gonna be on a podcast tonight with friend and psychology experts Jeremiah Beene.  Things kick off at 9pm EST.  Just click here to listen.  :) [Read more...]

Pictures from Apostacon.

It’s been a bit of a rough day in the head and the news is slow, so what better time to put up pictures from Apostacon?  Let’s inject some happiness into the day. Apostacon and American Atheists continue to set the standard for well-run conferences in my eyes.  Last year Sarah Morehead was awarded Atheist-of-the-Year, [Read More...]