Headed to Ohio.

Taking to the skies again today because tomorrow I’ll be giving a talk at the Mid Ohio Atheists annual picnic, which is always a load of fun.  Here are the deets as provided by Marisa Hills. Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014 Time: 12pm to 5pm (speakers start approx at 2pm) Location: Mohican State Forest, Perrysville, [Read More...]

I’ll be on Gamma Atheist tonight.

I’ll be on the Gamma Atheist show tonight at 10pm Eastern along with Stephanie Guttormson from the Richard Dawkins Foundation and HealthAddict from youtube.  Should be a good time. Here’s the link to click when it’s game time. [Read more...]

My Reasonfest talk: Godless Joy.

Here’s my opening talk from this year’s Reasonfest.  Hope you enjoy it.  :) [Read more...]

Coming to Ohio for my next speaking gig.

Hey all!  My next speaking gig will be in Ohio here in a couple of weeks (on the 20th of July, to be exact).  I’ll be giving a talk at the Mid Ohio Atheists annual picnic, which is always a load of fun.  Here are the deets as provided by Marisa Hills. Date: Sunday, July [Read More...]

The Thinking Atheist from last night with Matt Dillahunty, Tracie Harris, and myself.

Last night I was on Seth Andrews’ show with a couple luminaries of counter-apologetics: Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris from the Atheist Experience.  It was a great time.  If you don’t listen for Matt and Tracie dropping wisdom on how to beat religious arguments, listen because of how aroused Seth Andrews’ voice makes men and [Read More...]

I will be on The Thinking Atheist tonight!

Hey guys!  I’m going to be on The Thinking Atheist show tonight at 6pm Central Time along with Matt Dillahunty and others talking about counter-apologetics.  From TTA’s facebook post: Podcast tonight is part 2 of “Counter-Apologetics,” exclusively dedicated to your calls and emails. 6pm U.S. Central at this link. Have a question/comment for the show? [Read More...]

Your Morning Happiness: Social Media Friends!

I’m sure all of have found that social media is powerful tool when it comes to being able to connect with people of similar belief systems. I’ve met a ton of people I could mention, but this one in particular fits the theme here…. I’m pretty sure I came across Molly when Hemant had tweeted [Read More...]

I’m a secular star on the new Richard Dawkins website!

The new RDF website launched today.  If you go under the community tab and select “Secular Stars” there I am along with a bunch of people who are way cooler than I: If flattery were currency I’d go ahead and retire.  Sam Harris is the reason I’m an activist atheist.  Jaclyn Glenn is as witty [Read More...]

Talking about mental illness with Kansas City Oasis on Sunday.

On Sunday I’ll be at Kansas City Oasis where I’ll go a little bit of singing, do a little bit of magic, and talk about living with mental illness.  They will also have a musical guest, Bill Morris.  :) The event kicks off at 11:00am at 1800 Baltimore, Kansas City, Missouri.  The facebook for the event [Read More...]

Just finished the debate workshop at #AAcon14.

Just finished doing the debate workshop with Matt Dillahunty (Jamila Bey’s plane was delayed so she missed most of it).  It was fun.  Doing gigs with Matt always is. The room was packed.  Matt and I carried our chairs into the audience for people but there were still lots who had to stand.  How…surreal.  I [Read More...]