Debating Aaron Brummit in Springfield, MO on Saturday.

This Saturday I’ll be in Springfield, MO for a debate against local pastor/creationist Aaron Brummit who is in the habit of calling me JT Everlost.  Clearly this man is prepared for a battle of wits. Anyway, the event will be this Saturday at 6:00pm.  The address for the Baptist Student Center is 906 S National Ave. [Read More...]

My appearance on the Skeptic Money podcast.

Last week I waltzed by Phil Ferguson’s podcast to talk about money, atheism, and whatever else crossed our minds. Podcast: Play in new window | Download [Read more...]

Catch me on Secular.FM tonight!

Hey everybody!  Just a reminder that I’ll be on Secular.FM’s 24-hour podcast fundraiser tonight at 7:15pm EST.  Tune in and listen for when I say “Pokemon”.  That will be my secret “hello” to all my listeners. Secular.FM seeks to create a secular broadcasting network.  On Feb. 22-23 they’ll be doing a 24 hour podcast-a-thon to [Read More...]


Here be my talk from Skepticon 6 about the unsung heroes of the atheist movement. [Read more...]

Off to Skepticon! :)

Soon we’ll be heading out the door.  I’m feeling really good about this talk, and there will even be a musical surprise.  :)  Hope to see some of you there. I’ll try to post pictures throughout the weekend. [Read more...]

Learn about song-writing at Skepticon!

At 3pm tomorrow, I’ll be teaching a workshop on song-writing with Shelley Segal, Ashley F. Miller, and Dave Muscato.  If you’re at Skepticon, pop in and receive the wisdoms! My talk will be the closer on Sunday (which means there will be ten people in the audience, but I’ll give a helluva talk for those [Read More...]

I’ll be on the Dogma Debate show tonight.

I’m about to make the 90 minute trek to the Denver airport before taking the 2 hour-long flight back to Kansas City before making the hour-long drive back home.  After all that, I’m going to pop onto the internet, haggard and frazzled, and try to sound coherent.  Here’s the info as emailed to me by [Read More...]

New Scarlet Letter preview.

At Skepticon 4 I was interviewed for a documentary called The Scarlet Letter.  It’s about coming out of the closet as atheists.  Here was the first promo: And now there’s a new one out featuring the wonderful Debbie Goddard among others: The film is pretty much done, but a few expenses remain.  Head over to [Read More...]

Speaking at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Tuesday night.

Ok, here are the details.  I’m talking about the various arguments for god’s existence and why they suck. Here’s a map of the UCCS campus: The talk will be on the first floor of the University Center (UCTR on the map).  Enter through the doors west of the mountain lion statue and head toward Clyde’s [Read More...]

Feminism panel thread.

Ok, the panel will be embedded here.  The panel starts at 10pm EST. As for my zombie survival talk in Nebraska tomorrow, head to Central Community College in Hastings.  My talk is in the Hall Building, which is their Student Union.  I’ll be in the big room just outside the snack bar.  Be ready to survive. [Read More...]