Close to Lawrence, Kansas? Come hear my wife speak tonight!

Tonight Michaelyn will be giving a talk on the KU campus about how religion is not a mental illness.  :)  If you’re in the area, swing by.  Free food and free admission. [Read more...]

Catch me on Atheist Analysis tonight alongside the Game Theory Podcast.

I got asked at the last second to join the hosts of the Game Theory Podcast on Atheist Analysis tonight.  I’ve come down sick with the crud Michaelyn had last week, so I may just grunt my approval of everything David and Jeremiah say.  I’ve also asked the hosts if Michaelyn can sit in for [Read More...]

Pictures from day 1 of Apostacon 14.

Despite all the psychological difficulties, day 1 was a great deal of fun.  I wound up getting about 800 calories down and spent a fair amount of time out of the room.  Here’s hoping day 2 goes well. Here are some pics from yesterday: [Read more...]

Listen to Dogma Debate from last night with myself, Cara Santa Maria, David Fitzgerald, and Darrel Ray.

Hey guys.  I know I said last night that this episode of Dogma Debate would go live at 10pm EST…then Neil DeGrasse Tyson went more than an hour over time (which nobody gave a shit about because it’s NDT).  So we didn’t get started until way late, so here’s the audio for those who missed [Read More...]

Catch me on the Dogma Debate podcast at 10pm EST/7pm PST.

Hey guys.  I’m at Apostacon and doing ok.  My workshop today was standing room only, which amazed me considering I was sharing a time slot with Amanda Knief and Muhammad Syed.  I figured I’d have two people in my room, but the turnout was unbelievably flattering.  I hope a few people learned something. I’ve had [Read More...]

Got spare money and want to make atheism accessible to everybody? Consider helping Skepticon.

Skepticon represents a pretty swell ideal: make influential and upcoming voices in atheism/skepticism available to everybody – and that includes everybody who can’t even afford $5 for a ticket.  That’s why it’s always free and why the talks are always uploaded for all (but with advertisements, all of the proceeds of which go to charity). [Read More...]

My appearance on Inspiring Doubt.

Last night I was on the Inspiring Doubt podcast with Greg Brahe talking about creationism/evolution.  Here it is.  Enjoy! [Read more...]

I’ll be appearing on the Inspiring Doubt podcast tonight at 7pm EST!

Hey all.  Tonight at 7pm eastern time I’ll be chatting with Greg Brahe, the host of Inspiring Doubt.  We’ll be talking about creationism.  Wheeeeeeeee! At the appointed hour just click here to get in on the action. EDIT:  Hey guys, they’re having some technical difficulties.  Hang tight, should be up soon. [Read more...]

The Thinking Atheist: Mental Health Episode.

Man, what a great show.  I tried not to say much because Jeremiah Beene, Michaelyn, and Darrel Ray had so much good stuff to say.  Seth Andrews is just great for putting this episode together.  I hope everybody can learn something. Listen To Education Internet Radio Stations with TheThinkingAtheist on BlogTalkRadio Hear more of Jeremiah [Read More...]

Reminder: Michaelyn and I will be on The Thinking Atheist tonight talking about mental health!

Seth Andrews has invited my wife and I to join him on his show, The Thinking Atheist, tonight at 7pm EST to talk about mental health.  I imagine I’ll field questions about what it’s like to be a bit insane while Michaelyn will put her BS in neuroscience to work as well as try to communicate [Read More...]