Talking about mental illness with Kansas City Oasis on Sunday.

On Sunday I’ll be at Kansas City Oasis where I’ll go a little bit of singing, do a little bit of magic, and talk about living with mental illness.  They will also have a musical guest, Bill Morris.  :) The event kicks off at 11:00am at 1800 Baltimore, Kansas City, Missouri.  The facebook for the event [Read More...]

Just finished the debate workshop at #AAcon14.

Just finished doing the debate workshop with Matt Dillahunty (Jamila Bey’s plane was delayed so she missed most of it).  It was fun.  Doing gigs with Matt always is. The room was packed.  Matt and I carried our chairs into the audience for people but there were still lots who had to stand.  How…surreal.  I [Read More...]

Come find me at the American Atheists conference (and a thank you for readers).

I was worried about my traffic (read: my income) this month.  I had to take three days off for Reasonfest (and was light blogging in the week leading up to it).  I’m going to be gone Wednesday – Saturday to speak at the American Atheists conference in Salt Lake City.  I knew I’d have less [Read More...]

I’m going to learn about Nietzsche at the feet of Dr. Dan Fincke.

I’ve always said of Dan that he is one of atheism’s clearest thinkers.  I admire the man greatly, and so when he offered me the chance to do one of his online courses I leaped at the opportunity.  Ever since I first read one of Nietzsche’s concise, witty quips I have been interested in the [Read More...]

Video of the Brummit vs. Eberhard debate.

Here’s a video of the debate.  If you guys want, I’ll go through and rebut all of Brummit’s stuff in the Q&A. You know, I thought this debate went pretty well for me.  Any time your opponent is in his second rebuttal round saying he’s going to get around to providing evidence for his position [Read More...]

Debating Aaron Brummit in Springfield, MO on Saturday.

This Saturday I’ll be in Springfield, MO for a debate against local pastor/creationist Aaron Brummit who is in the habit of calling me JT Everlost.  Clearly this man is prepared for a battle of wits. Anyway, the event will be this Saturday at 6:00pm.  The address for the Baptist Student Center is 906 S National Ave. [Read More...]

My appearance on the Skeptic Money podcast.

Last week I waltzed by Phil Ferguson’s podcast to talk about money, atheism, and whatever else crossed our minds. Podcast: Play in new window | Download [Read more...]

Catch me on Secular.FM tonight!

Hey everybody!  Just a reminder that I’ll be on Secular.FM’s 24-hour podcast fundraiser tonight at 7:15pm EST.  Tune in and listen for when I say “Pokemon”.  That will be my secret “hello” to all my listeners. Secular.FM seeks to create a secular broadcasting network.  On Feb. 22-23 they’ll be doing a 24 hour podcast-a-thon to [Read More...]


Here be my talk from Skepticon 6 about the unsung heroes of the atheist movement. [Read more...]

Off to Skepticon! :)

Soon we’ll be heading out the door.  I’m feeling really good about this talk, and there will even be a musical surprise.  :)  Hope to see some of you there. I’ll try to post pictures throughout the weekend. [Read more...]