My prosthetic leg is made of Lego bricks

Christina here… As promised last week, here is a video of me making a prosthetic leg out of Lego bricks! I can even almost sort of kind of maybe a little walk on it. Enjoy, my pretties! Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur.     [Read more...]

I don’t even know

Christina here… I’m in a really weird mood today. First I made a prosthetic leg out of Legos, and then I made this (unrelated to Legos*) video.     That is all. *The video about the Legoleg is scheduled for next Wednesday   [Read more...]

Homophobes should celebrate the Boy Scouts allowing gay boys.

Christina here… The following guest post has been written by my alter ego, Christina Christianphens, and should not be construed as the actual, non-satirical opinions of me, Christina Stephens: Hello Good homosexuality-opposing Christian parents! I know most of you are furrowing your ever-furrowed brows and pointing your ever-pointy fingers at the Boy Scouts of America, [Read More...]

The Perspective Test

Christina here… Here is a method one might employ to determine whether some argument you or someone else is making seems reasonable. This is best applied when thinking about your own perspective or when talking to people who tend to scoff at more logical arguments. It’s what I call The Perspective Test, or the What-if-someone-did-that-to-you? [Read More...]

I’m a government shill for the Boston bombing false flag!

Christina here… It started with a simple comment. While browsing Youtube videos, I came across one of the many videos claiming that the Boston bombing survivors who have had legs amputated were actors. In the video, the narrator claims Adrianne Haslet-Davis and Heather Abbott (both lost their left legs below the knee in the bombing in [Read More...]

Christian Thrift Shop remix

Christina here… All I gotta say is.. o.O? Seriously? There’s more than one? umm.. There are more. A LOT more. Oh my. [Read more...]

On Tony Perkins “tak[ing] a break”

Christina here… The suicide of Matthew Warren, Rick Warren’s son, is tragic. As with any tragic event occurring in the life of a public figure, especially one who is frequently maligned, insensitive comments related to the tragedy are pretty expected. Of course, I’m actually not writing this directly about Rick or Matthew Warren, but rather about Tony [Read More...]

I’m now a target for believers

Christina here… Some atheists just want to religious believers to leave them alone. Not me, I like talking with religious people! I’m discovering that I might have a handy device which will cause believers to stop me in the streets or in grocery stores to talk to me – a metaphorical neon sign over my [Read More...]


Hey people! Christina here… Even though JT tells me I can write whatever I want, whenever I want on this here blog, I sort of made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t turn this space into ZOMG-AMPUTEE-DISABILITY-ADVOCACY-CHECK-OUT-MY-LEG central. However, I owe you guys. I owe you guys a big thank you. This journey to [Read More...]

An update on my foot

Christina here… You bunch of heathen nonbelievers are too kind. I’m amazed, inspired, humbled, and awed that so many people cared about me to send donations to help cover my mortgage and medical bills due to me smashing the living shit out of my foot with my own car. Here is an update, and some [Read More...]