Top 10 anti-Christian acts of 2012

Christina here… Every year, this website puts out a list of the “Top 10 Anti-Christian Acts” – 2012 is no different. I wonder what bad things have happened! Maybe they got billboards vandalized. Maybe prominent public figures blamed Christians for everything from the school shootings to hurricane Sandy. Maybe the army refused to let Christians hold [Read More...]

OMG! The F-bomb! Oh the humanity!

Hey everyone, Christina here! I’m still in the motherfucking hospital, but had to share this silliness with you from One “Million” Mom’s. Dear Christina, Together we will hold CBS accountable for airing profanity in front of children and families! The network did not keep their promise that the Super Bowl broadcast would be safe for [Read More...]

WWJTD podcast Episode 3: Teresa MacBain

Christina here… We made a third podcast! We’ve almost got the RSS feed up for realz so people who want to listen to the podcast can do so, but it’s not ready yet! For now, you can watch the unedited video version in Youtube: Hosts: Christina Stephens, Steven Olsen, JT Eberhard Special guest: Teresa MacBain [Read More...]

The Evil of Atheism: part II

Christina here… Remember a few months ago when I did an analysis of a youtube video titled “The Evil of Atheism”? Well, Rev. Daniel, “Man of Reason” is back again with another video. Interestingly, in the description he claims “Atheists want this Video Banned!” yet as I write this, only 196 people have seen it. [Read More...]

How to be an atheist terrorist.

Christina here… Hi! A story circulated the web the other day regarding some comments made by Ken Reid, a supervisor representing the Leesburg district (in Virginia). He said, in regard to people who have issues with the local holiday displays on taxpayer property: It’s strictly this group of terrorists. They’re fanatics who basically want to [Read More...]

O”M”M says ‘Person of Interest’ turns PC

Christina here… I got an email from One “Million” Moms! Dear Christina, Many One Million Moms supporters have contacted us in concern that a go-to show for parents and older children is no longer acceptable to watch. Several of our members were regular viewers of the CBS program “Person of Interest,” until now. This is [Read More...]

Accepting unacceptance.

Christina here… When Christopher and I got engaged, he asked if he could take my last name, Stephens. I agreed. Christopher’s parents were not amused, to say the least. His mom believes it is wrong for him to change his name, and believes it reflects poorly on him that “no one in his entire family” [Read More...]

Why atheists can celebrate Christmas

Christina here…   There is a sentiment floating around this (and every) holiday season. It goes something like this: I find it funny that atheists I know still accept Christmas presents. Hypocrites. — Princess Problems (@PrincessPrbs) November 26, 2012 How does it make sense that atheists celebrate Christmas? It doesn’t. “I don’t believe in you [Read More...]

WWJTD Podcast: Episode 2

Christina here… Hey! We recorded the second episode of the WWJTD podcast. Isn’t that fucking swell? We’ve almost got the RSS feed up so people who want to listen to the podcast can do so, but it’s not ready yet! For now, you can watch the unedited version in Youtube: This weeks’ podcast hosts: Steven [Read More...]

Liars for Jesus: Child Molestation style

Christina here.. I really don’t understand what motivates some Christians to be such liars for Jesus. Especially when they hate atheists so much that they aren’t content simply pointing out the unethical actions of some people who are also atheists as if that says anything about the character of atheists in general, but must resort [Read More...]