Chip Wedge swings by the blog, gets owned by dad and others.

A true blue Christian by the moniker “Chip Wedge” found an old post of mine and was not happy.  He expressed his displeasure in the form of Pascal’s Wager, ALL CAPS, and empty threats: If you would like to spend eternity in hell that is your free choice. But what is going to be the [Read More...]

Further reflections on acceptable behavior

In the comments of my post on The Reddit misogyny issue, “No Excuses.“,  reader Tony B said something interesting: Agreeing that [the Reddit response to a 15 year old posting a picture of herself with a book] are in poor taste, I’d like to go deeper and consider the minutiae of what should be acceptable and what [Read More...]

Respect My Beliefs No Matter What They Are!

I got a comment on my power of religion post yesterday.  There are several points in the comment I’m not going to touch on because they derive that I think all religious people are harmful to the same extent, which makes no sense given what I wrote in the post.  There is a part of [Read More...]