Forest for the Trees, JT. Forest for the trees.

I’ve been painstakingly preprocessing Larry’s 11-page post about evolution. Back a couple months, JT addressed a video by Joshua Feuerstein. Larry’s post was responding to JT’s response. This isn’t one of my official posts… but I wanted to hop in and comment. Joshua pulled out the previously-refuted-a-quadrillion-times argument: evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics. JT [Read More...]

A Complete Rebuttal of Presuppositional Apologetics

The following is an exhaustive manifest of topics and subtopics will encompass the sum total of important materials rebutting what is known as “Presuppositional Apologetics”. [Read more...]

It doesn’t alway go down like in God’s Not Dead

Though I think he did mess up – evolution is at theory… and a fact. [Read more...]

I don’t think Answers in Genesis quite gets science Pt. 3 (of 3)

In part 1 and part 2, I currently addressing this article from Answers in Genesis. I’m not too happy how part 2 came out. I was mostly grinding through dumb stuff, but this next part, which I’ve been itching to get to, has some interesting (to me, at least) topics. I probably should have just skipped [Read More...]

I don’t think Answers in Genesis quite gets science Pt. 2

Previously, I managed to address one sentence of this article from Answers in Genesis. We find that creationists often use the “correct” words – observation, testability, repeatability, falsifiability, etc – however, like the common layman confusion about the word “theory” as used in science, they often get the other words off-the-mark as well. [Read more...]

San Diego Creation Museum

About 3.5 years ago, I went to the San Diego Creation Museum with a few others from Generation Atheist and since I blogged about it then, I wanted to share that hilarious and horrifying experience with all of you!   October 3, 2010   Creation Museum – San Diego So about a week ago, at pharyngula’s prompting, [Read More...]

I don’t think Answers in Genesis quite gets science Pt. 1

[Warning - these posts will not be succinct] Historical versus Observational Science…. two thingies that seem to imply a mutual exclusion between the two. I wanted to write an article addressing these misconceptions in the epistemology behind the two terms. You may recall, this came up repeatedly in the recent Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate; again [Read More...]


Hello. My identification is “Jasper”. I am a socially anxious biped, and apparently I’m going to write a couple posts here while JT goes off and does things. For the most part, I wish to remain anonymous, mostly due to fears of future potential employers searching my name, though some effort could probably reveal who [Read More...]

UK bans teaching of creationism in all public schools.

You’d think establishing “schools shouldn’t be able to teach things that aren’t true” wouldn’t be much of a fight.  But, thanks to religion, even something that basic is an all-out culture war. Thankfully religious fundamentalism has lost big in the UK: In what’s being heralded as a secular triumph, the UK government has banned the [Read More...]

South Carolina school board rejects “Teach the controversy” language. w00t!

Victory! South Carolina has forgone a proposal to have students learn “the controversy.” The State Board of Education met on Wednesday to discuss, among several issues, proposed language that required biology students construct scientific arguments that seem to support and seem to discredit Darwinism. Mike Fair was the state senator who introduced the idea (quick, [Read More...]