Blogalog phase 1

Cl has graciously accepted my invitation to blogalog.  Here is how it has begun. After he volunteered and I accepted I wrote… If we’re doing the existence of god, you wanna go first? Cl responded… I was just thinking about that. Why don’t we try thinking outside the box a little bit? It’s just that, [Read More...]

Looking for a blogalog participant

I don’t generally wade into the comment to rebut people.  If I think something needs to be said, I’ll drag their comment into a blog post and go to town. However, I realize I’ve not been doing as much back-and-forth as I used to with believers and that needs to stop.  So, I’m throwing out [Read More...]

Day of comments #4: The value of human life

I did a post earlier featuring a comment by Icy Cantu.  Icy didn’t feel moved to provide evidence for why Christianity is true, but he did threaten everybody who didn’t believe the same way he did.  I pointed that out. Icy came back with more of the same. I live in a farming community. If [Read More...]

Day of comments #3: …Free will?

Here’s another one from Rebekah.  I’m not sure what to say. That is true but only if one attributes all types of “bad” things to God. Instead of trying to comprehend the value of free volition. Your right to choose of which you obviously hold highly. The only issue is does “God” do all of [Read More...]

Comment #2: Hell

Next up on day of comments is this gem from Icy Cantu. You have no idea what you are rejecting. You spit upon God’s mercy and grace that was paid for through the death of His only-begotten Son. When you expire, or when He returns (whichever comes first) it will be too late to say [Read More...]

Comment #1: Tone

Today is going to be a day of ‘interesting’ comments from yesterday.  This one comes from Rebekah. again your attitudes prove the point perfectly… the majority of Christians don’t take this attitude at all. There are much worse persecutions out there but face it seriously you have become as judgemental and snobbish as those christians [Read More...]

You'll never change anybody's mind!

When I hear people say that I just want sit them down, give them a reproving look, and ask them where the hell they think all these new atheists are coming from?  Is it the stork? I employ a tactic I shamelessly stole from Greta Christina whenever I speak.  I ask the audience to raise [Read More...]

How can such a lengthy opinion piece contain no arguments?

Bryan Appleyard has a piece in the New Statesman defending Alain de Botton.  Well, “defending” implies he makes arguments in de Botton’s defense, which he doesn’t do.  But he sure doesn’t like those “neo-atheists”. You can tell from the very first sentence what we’re in for with this piece. To hardline atheists, it is now [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist vs. Unfriendly Atheist (

Hemant Mehta is a friend of mine.  I love the guy and never want to follow him on stage as a speaker.  My friend is displeased with how some of us, including me, went after Alain de Botton.  I won’t comment on the top half of his post, but for the latter half I think [Read More...]

When your heroes give you a nod

Whenever I speak I am always asked which book I recommend.  The answer is always the same: Sense and Goodness Without God by Richard Carrier (who now blogs here at FtB!).  There has been no author who has done more for me.  When I debate, I still use many of his arguments. The other day [Read More...]