Matt Dillahunty obliterates Cliffe Knechtle.

I think Matt Dillahunty is the best debater atheism has.  But holy shit, did he ever put a particularly powerful beat down on Cliffe Knechtle. Knechtle did a great deal of preaching.  Dillahunty did a great deal of owning. I’ve been on stage with Dillahunty in a debate.  It was one of the greatest honors [Read More...]

Chip Wedge swings by the blog, gets owned by dad and others.

A true blue Christian by the moniker “Chip Wedge” found an old post of mine and was not happy.  He expressed his displeasure in the form of Pascal’s Wager, ALL CAPS, and empty threats: If you would like to spend eternity in hell that is your free choice. But what is going to be the [Read More...]

An acquaintance of my dad’s didn’t like my “Why the arguments for god’s existence fail” talk.

A friend of my father’s posted my talk about why the arguments for god’s existence fail.  An acquaintance of my father’s (I suspect without knowing that the “would-be intellectual” in the video was his son) left the following comment: The title of this video is “Why the aruguments for God Fail.” This young would-be intellectual [Read More...]

A response to Rebecca Hamilton’s “You Belong to Me” post.

Someone in the comments of a previous post linked to this post by Rebecca Hamilton at Public Catholic.  Jesus fucking Christ it’s terrible. A few weeks ago, my pastor preached a homily based on what is a simple but absolute fact of all our lives. We will die. You are going to die. I am [Read More...]

Response to Leah Libresco re: relationships.

Leah posted a response to my post the other day about meaning.  In it, she essentially argued that she wanted to go to church (more than she wanted to sleep in), in response to this section of my post: Meaning is realizing we’re very lucky to have the time we have and not wasting a [Read More...]

Comment response: how can life mean anything if it’s not forever?

Yesterday I did a post about meaning, and about some of the things that give my life meaning.  In response a theist of some flavor came into the comments to say: I am always amazed at how weak answers to the meaning question are. People you love? Begs the question. If human life has no [Read More...]

Christoph Dollis gives us our daily dose of shutdown blues.

Yesterday I posted about how the GOP would be fired from Taco Bell and got this comment from Christoph Dollis: This post is nonsense. The members of congress were elected to exercise their best judgment, including when not to fund programs. Elections have consequences. They won – in the house. He’s right: the post sucked. [Read More...]

I was wrong – the Cosmological Argument makes perfect sense. Thanks “Atheist Killa”.

I used to think Scott Clifton, the man behind the youtube channel Theoretical Bullshit, was a genius without peer.  How could I have been so blind?  I mean, I watched Scott’s video rebutting William Lane Craig’s version of the Kalaam Cosmological Argument and thought it was great.  But that was my own tiny brain failing [Read More...]

Has Christianity done more for science than atheism ever could?

I got sent this article, which is apparently being heralded as a “checkmate atheists” moment.  It’s so full of wrong I need to go through it line by line. Our governor here in Kentucky has decided to implement the new Common Core “Next Generation” science standards. Progressives are celebrating this move for a few reasons [Read More...]

Peter Payne debate: do ethics need a foundation in god?

Here’s my debate with Dr. Peter Payne at UC Santa Cruz.  Leave questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer them over the next week. Huh…I just finished watching the video, which was posted by the Institute for Credible Christianity (a group for which Peter Payne is the managing director).  At around the 56:00 [Read More...]