How effective are tin foil hats?

Dr. Dave finds a study dealing with the effectiveness of tin foil hats for blocking various radio signals and finds that they generally work…except with government bands. [Read more...]

New Romney strategy seems to be working

DrB-       Recent interviews with Romney during one of this flights between events, he details the new methods he’s using to reach voters: For weeks many Beltway insiders had written off the Romney campaign as dead, saying the candidate had dug himself into too deep a hole with too little time to recover. [Read More...]

Build your own Romney

DrB-   Do you feel that this election season, there just isn’t a candidate for you? That you vote just misses the mark on the current crop of voting targets? You’re in luck! This time around, there’s a candidate who believes everything you do. It’s a simple process too, you just input where you stand [Read More...]

I can not lie, I like big…

DrB-   I’m reasonably sure that this video, is the reason we have the internet.     I mean, that and cat pictures. You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas City, & [Read more...]

I vote for another drink

DrB-   We know the United States wasn’t founded on Christianity, in any sense of the word. You know what it was founded on? Beer. George Washington famously brewed it. James Madison purportedly sought to create a cabinet-level Secretary of Beer. And Franklin Delano Roosevelt helped make it legal to produce and sell (again) by [Read More...]

Faith kills again

DrB- It’s a failure to be reasonable when a parent prays while their child dies of a curable condition. But murdering the child in the name of faith? A six-week-old baby was killed by her bipolar mother after she stuffed pages from the Bible into the infant’s mouth…..Christian fundamentalist Julia Lovemore, 41, killed daughter Faith [Read More...]

You can trust him, he’s a Pastor!

DrB-   You ever notice how religion makes people develop superior ethics? How being in tune with the will of God makes one a better person? How those in leadership positions of theology are pillars of the community? A Toronto pastor swindled parishioners and colleagues of more than $8 million   Well. That’s awkward. Well, [Read More...]

Enhancing your productivity

DrB-   It’s a rough economy out there, and we could all use a boost to our productivity. There’s a new study out, with some new thinking into ways to boost employee output. What’s something you can do to further your career? A team of researchers at Hiroshima University recently conducted a study where they [Read More...]

A collection of Questions

DrB-   I found a short multi-panel comic here, It’s just a few frames, with a curious take on the nature of questions, and their value as compared to answers. Because there’s some “answers” we don’t need anymore, having long outlived any initial purpose to their original question….and kicking and screaming, they’re slowly going. [Read More...]

Science Guy Style

DrB-   A little while ago, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” stated the obvious, “The Earth is not 6,000 or 10,000 years old It’s not. And if that conflicts with your beliefs, I strongly feel you should question your beliefs.” Naturally, a great deal of willfully ignorant people got very upset about this. But that’s [Read More...]