People like to hear from you.

DrB- I got rage-faced, like all the other cool kids. Behold, I am a rage filled hot dog. The irony of a guy named Burger posing as a hot dog is not lost upon me.   Perplexing meat issues aside, I was shown a pretty sweet phone app a little bit ago. It’s called “Congress” [Read More...]

it's not all doom and gloom

DrB- JT said I should put a picture at the top of posts. I countered that then somebody might recognize me, and no good could come from that. That would reduce my ability to sit quietly in the back. Does this count? I’m in there somewhere.   Now with that over with, I did come [Read More...]

A favor from anyone that stole my soul

DrB- If any of you happy heathens happened to snap a picture at the Reason Rally of this guy: I would sure appreciate it if you could upload it to a place such as, and post the link in the comments. Thanks!   You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas [Read More...]

Conversations with the average voter

DrB-   Occasionally I have the pleasure of talking with a creationist, and most of the time I just ask them to go on. To tell me more about their beliefs on how the universe came to be here. Tell me how it’s not just divine pasta. The conversation is a lot like this one: [Read More...]

Alternative medicine and prayer

I realized the last time it rained that I needed to clean out some of my gutters. So, I got around to doing it yesterday. And when you’re on your roof, and live by yourself, and it’s windy, and you’ve decided to use powertools instead of your hands, cause doing things manually sucks balls, you [Read More...]

I see dumb people.

DrB- I like starting out with a picture. Think it would work? Probably not. But I laughed, and then read the article below, and got depressed. There is quirk of the brain called the Dunning-Kruger effect, The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which the unskilled suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability [Read More...]

getting off your ass.

DrB-   I’m not sure if you have heard this or not, but it turns out prayer doesn’t accomplish anything at all.   Atheism has an image problem, stemming from the fact that nobody uses the phrase “well, he’s a good atheist.” There’s a completely undeserved monopoly on claiming goodness just because of irrational faith. [Read More...]

Truth in advertising

DrB-   I was driving around Kansas City, and saw a billboard for a hospital, and something new occurred to me. Here’s a few examples I pulled up with just a Google search for hospital billboards, see if you can spot the trend: See the common thread? Our most advanced places of healing, the place [Read More...]

Team Atheism stats

There is a stats page, so you can see where you rank once you’ve been folding proteins for Team Atheism.   Go Team!   You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas City, & [Read more...]

Folding at Home: Team Atheism

  DrB here. I heard you like science. The Folding@Home project puts your computer to work as part of a global project to study methods of preventing and curing serious diseases. From the Folding@Home website, Protein folding is linked to disease, such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease, and many Cancers. Moreover, when proteins do [Read More...]