Politician speaking at menorah-lighting ceremony: “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

A city councilor in Springfield, Massachusetts recently put his foot in his mouth while speaking at a menorah-lighting ceremony for a local Jewish group.  It seems his Jewish constituents needed to know that Jesus is the reason for the season… Bud Williams, city councilor in Springfield, Mass., stood in the court square earlier this week and participated [Read More...]

Fire department in Utica, NY puts “We love Jesus” sign on the town’s firehouse.

The fire department of Utica, NY has put a sign saying “We love Jesus” outside the fire department.  “We” apparently doesn’t include the taxpayers who aren’t Christian.  Look how great Christianity is for community building! According to reports, Utica Fire Department Station 4 decided to display a sign outside of its building which reads, “HAPPY [Read More...]

AHA files FOIA request with my hometown over courthouse discrimination.

Update in the nativity scene controversy in my hometown (here’s what happened last year,).  Now they’ve pulled some attempts at sneaky tricks (I say attempts, because they actually put the county in greater legal trouble than they were already in) like renting the space on the courthouse lawn to a private citizen for $1 so [Read More...]

Michigan Republican to put up nativity so Satan won’t win.

In Michigan an out-of-state group wanted to put up a nativity scene – not on their church lawn or anything like that, but they wanted a tribute to their religion specifically in the capitol building: Rules issued by the Michigan Legislative Council Facilities Agency prohibit displays from remaining up at the Capitol between 11 p.m. and 6 [Read More...]

Reverend under fire for suggesting an omniscient being who rewards the good doesn’t exist.

A reverend at the Stalham Academy (a religious school) is under fire from churchgoers for a comment at a choir performance suggesting Santa doesn’t exist. Parents took to Facebook to voice their upset at the comment, but the Rev Margaret McPhee was quick to apologise for her “off-the-cuff remark”. The choir had just finished 
singing at [Read More...]

Kansas mother kills her ten year old son because he’d be better off in heaven.

The following excerpt is very graphic.  You’ve been warned: “…after her son, CB, age ten, had gone to bed, she (Blansett) decided his life would be full of suffering and pain and that it would be better for him to go to heaven tonight. She took a knife and rock into his bedroom, struck him [Read More...]

Indiana church closes due to mass exodus after choir director was fired for being gay.

The First United Methodist Church in Alexandria, IN hired David Steele Adam Fraley to be their choir director – knowing he was gay.  They later changed their minds and dismissed him.  But then, something beautiful happened: Steele, who has not been back to the church he attended for 60 years since stepping down in January, [Read More...]

Tweet of the day: Dan Arel to Ken Ham.

Dan Arel has been a huge thorn in Ken Ham’s side.  I’m glad to see he isn’t letting up: [Read more...]

CNSnews.com claims the FFRF lost when the town of Jay, FL did exactly what the FFRF asked.

Brittany M. Hughes has an article on cnsnews.com (“the right news, right now) titled, “Atheist Group’s Complaint Backfires, Lands Nativity In Full Public View.”  Oh dear!  I’d better read this.  The piece is about how the city of Jay, Florida had a nativity scene on government property, prompting the Freedom From Religion Foundation to send [Read More...]

FFRF gets Georgia Southern University to reprimand and stop proselytizing teacher.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Richard Dawkins Foundation sent a letter to Georgia Southern University urging them to investigate Emerson McMullen, a professor of history at the school, for using his classroom to proselytize his religion. The results of that investigation are in: The report also confirmed that McMullen had indeed offered an [Read More...]