Josh Duggar molested five children, some young as eleven, and won’t face any legal consequences.

It turns out that Josh Duggar, oldest son of the Duggar family (the one famous for reproducing faster than a pair of Mormon rabbits and for opposing gay rights) molested some minors several years ago.  We’re finding out about it now because the statute of limitations is up: The Duggars, the reality TV family famous [Read More...]

Reverend thinks gayness is an abomination (when not cruising for dudes on Grindr).

Reverend Matthew Makala thinks homosexuality is a sin akin to lying, alcohol abuse, etc. In November 2014, a fellow Midland man of God, Pastor Dan Dickerson, wrote an op-ed titled A Stand For The Truth which reads in part: “A sexual attraction to the same sex is a sinful temptation to be resisted and overcome by God’s [Read More...]

Notre Dame loses its challenge to the contraception mandate in the 7th Circuit.

Notre Dame has lost its challenge to the contraception mandate as part of the Affordable Care Act.  The 7th Circuit has ruled that the compromise in which insurers administrate contraceptive coverage goes far enough to address Notre Dame’s religious concerns: A federal court again denied the University of Notre Dame’s challenge to the health law’s contraception [Read More...]

Breitbart says Americans United bullied a school by telling a teacher not to distribute bibles during class time.

Oh Breitbart, you are just a peach of a website.  You get the award for the most ridiculous headline ever: Government entities like, say, public schools are forbidden by law from endorsing religion.  That means this headline makes about as much sense as saying, “Police bully bank robbers into halting redistribution of wealth.”  Telling someone they [Read More...]

George Bush…makes sense?

Not only is the news hella slow today, I just came across ol’ Dubya making some sense.  In his commencement speech at SMU George W. Bush said the right to not worship is enshrined in the American ideal: “You can be hopeful because there is a loving God. Whether you agree with that statement or [Read More...]

Jeb Bush: Tolerance requires us to permit intolerance.

Jeb Bush did an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network this weekend and talked about what we needed in order to have a tolerant country.  Amazingly (not really) it’s to allow intolerance if it’s done for religious reasons. Speaking with host David Brody, the former Florida governor said, “It’s not just that people of faith [Read More...]

Bill O’Reilly: Christians leaving the faith because of rap music.

Rush Limbaugh said people are leaving Christianity because they’re being bullied by gay people.  I mean, it’s people who have left religion who are far and away most likely to favor gay rights, so are the bitter ex-Christians embracing their bullies?  That seems to be what Rush thinks is happening: “I hate being bullied by [Read More...]

Limbaugh: Christians on the decline because they’re being bullied by gay people.

Pew recently released data confirming that Christianity is on a massive decline while the religiously unaffiliated are in the ascent at about the same clip, resulting in there being more religiously unaffiliated Americans than Catholics.  Rush Limbaugh believes he has the explanation for this.  It’s not that religions tend to have arbitrary, un-fun rules.  No. [Read More...]

Piano tutorial for viral gospel song “I Am More Determined.”

Before I trot off to teach the young’uns how to sing I need to share this.  This video combines two of my favorite pastimes: laughing at religion and music theory.  Bliss. [Read more...]

Singapore teen arrested and charged for “wounding religious feelings.”

Lee Kuan Yew was Singapore’s first Prime Minister.  He governed up to 1990 and, in March, passed away.  A Singapore teen named Amos Yee took the opportunity to post some inflammatory things on the internet, as many teens are wont to do: Mr. Yee had posted a short video on YouTube titled “Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead!” [Read More...]