Saying that Islam is false or that it often produces violent behavior is not Islamophobia, but this might be.

I get so tired of the term “Islamophobia” getting thrown around every time someone says Islam isn’t true or when someone (like me) points out that no other religion seems to draw out murderous adherents over cartoons.  Similarly, no other religion even comes close in terms of followers who believe death is an appropriate punishment for [Read More...]

Church owes a big thanks to Ben Franklin.

This image is awesome, not because a church is getting struck by lightning (I don’t want that), but because seeing lightning from the ground is awe-inspiring: Sure there are plenty of jokes to make about god sending a message, but I prefer not to make light of ill-befalling an institution I dislike (even if the way [Read More...]

Hulu yanks Duggars’ “19 Kids And Counting”, TLC likely to follow.

After it was revealed that Josh Duggar had molested five underage girls, some as old as nine, maximum (or, as the Duggars called it while not telling the police, “a mistake”), advertisers started fleeing for the hills.  Now Hulu has yanked episodes of the show: Hulu has pulled “19 Kids and Counting” from its lineup, following reports [Read More...]

New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau might not be happy with Gov. Jindal’s anti-gay executive order.

Louisiana was considering one of those “religious freedom” bills, y’know the kind that pissed everybody off at Indiana so much that even Arkansas wanted no piece of that.  The bill died in committee by a 10-2 vote, but Bobby Jindal wasn’t prepared to let it die.  Jindal then issued an executive order that reiterated most of [Read More...]

Republican governor of North Carolina will veto anti-gay bill, cites adherence to the Constitution.

I rag on the Republicans because, well, they do a lot of stupid things.  But I must give credit where it’s due.  First, though, I have to rag on North Carolina Republicans for this bullshit: Back in February when the North Carolina state Senate passed an anti-gay marriage bill to “protect” magistrates from having to [Read More...]

Funny or Die’s take on the revelation that Josh Duggar molested five underage girls.

I’d laugh more if it weren’t so close to the truth. The Duggars Respond To Sexual Abuse Scandal from Funny Or Die [Read more...]

Jewish school in London to start turning away students driven to school by their mothers.

Speaking of the monotheistic religions often being absurdly insulting to women… Did you know that women driving their kids to school is immodest?  I mean, that seems like a really stupid, sexist position, but apparently the wisest being in the cosmos whispered it to some dudes: Children driven to school by their mothers in an [Read More...]

Religion heavily on the decline with young adults, but women leaving at a much faster rate.

I’ve always wondered why women were so slow to leave religion, as they have been over the last few decades.  Men were leaving religion in greater number, even though patriarchal religions like Christianity exalted them, while women were staying, even though their holy books still have passage like 1 Timothy 2:12: I do not permit a [Read More...]

Rubio: Marriage equality poses a real and present danger to Christianity.

Sen. Marco Rubio says that equality laws and the march of marriage equality poses a “real and present danger” to Christianity: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio took a decidedly conservative turn on same-sex marriage in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network this week, warning that “there’s a real and present danger” that gay marriage proponents [Read More...]

Vatican official says successful gay marriage vote in Ireland is a “defeat for humanity.”

Last week Ireland voted to legalize gay marriage (by something like 62% of the votes cast).  Sadly, I was traveling and dealing with perishing relatives, so I didn’t blog it.  But I can sure blog the Vatican’s reaction: A senior Vatican official has denounced the referendum result in Ireland as a “defeat for humanity” after [Read More...]