FAITH: Satan was the first to demand equal rights.

I’m so glad the American Atheist convention is going to be in Tennessee.  It seems they need it: Somehow their conclusion is that equal rights are evil, not that Satan isn’t so bad and that god’s a bit of a jerk.  We always hear from apologists that “with secular morality anything goes because there’s no [Read More...]

FAITH, HIGH SCHOOL, & LAW: Texas superintendent has a change of heart after receiving a letter from the FFRF.

Just last week I wrote about how Michael Gilbert, the Superintendent of the White Oak School District in Texas, said he wouldn’t be stopping a high school principal from reading scripture over the loudspeaker every day (to read my rebuttals to all this, follow the previous link): He argued that the FFRF should be ignored [Read More...]

FAITH: Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar asks his congregation to buy him a $65 million private jet.

Creflo Dollar is a prosperity gospel megachurch preacher at the World Changers church in Atlanta.  His last name is very telling. It turns out his church’s private jet is getting a bit old, so he wants a new one – and not just any private jet.  Pastor Dollar wants the best of the best of [Read More...]

FAITH: Catholic Church argues paying for lost child rape lawsuits burdens their religion. 7th Circuit rules against them.

Timothy Dolan, who was a candidate to become pope this last time around, is…not a great person.  For one, he shuffled child-raping priests off to new locations.  Also, some priests in his charge raped a bunch of kids back in the day and won a lawsuit against the diocese.  So Dolan moved $50 million into a cemetery maintenance fund [Read More...]

FAITH, GAY RIGHTS, POLITICS, & LAW: Alabama House passes bill that would allow clerks/judges to refuse to perform ceremonies for gay couples.

Jesus Christ, Alabama is backwards.  The Republican-dominated House just passed a bill that would allow judges and government clerks to refuse to give marriage licenses to LGBT people: After nearly four hours of debate, the Alabama House on Thursday passed a bill that gives judges, ministers and other officiants the right to refuse to perform [Read More...]

FAITH & LAW: Liberty Institute brags of winning a lawsuit with American Atheists in which a ruling wasn’t made.

I saw this in my special twitter feed and couldn’t believe my eyes: Ok, slow down guys.  This is just flat out bullshit. They didn’t defeat American Atheists because the judge didn’t reach a conclusion.  The judge’s opinion said the court lacked jurisdiction to rule on this. Specifically it said, “In the absence of standing, [Read More...]

FAITH: Saudi activist gets ten years in prison for acquiring banned books and organizing protests.

Remember that time Saudi Arabia said they had an awesome human rights record?  Yeah, about that… A founding member of one of the few independent human rights groups in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, a regional rights group has said. Mohammed al-Bajadi was sentenced last Thursday by the specialised criminal [Read More...]

FAITH: Kent Hovind found guilty of contempt, hung jury on three other charges.

It looks like Kent Hovind’s going to be spending a little more time behind bars: At 11:09 a.m. the jury in the trial of Pensacola evangelist Kent Hovind returned their verdict convicting Hovind on one of four counts he was facing, and his co-defendant Paul John Hansen on two of five. Hovind was found guilty [Read More...]

FAITH: How is this not a joke?

This is not a joke.  How is this not a joke? [Read more...]

FAITH, GAY RIGHTS, & POLITICS: Oklahoma passes a bill that would give marriage to clergy.

Todd Russ, a GOP lawmaker in Oklahoma, previously introduced a bill that would get the state out of issuing marriage licenses and, instead, leave it to the clergy to issue marriage certificates.  That bill has passed the Oklahoma House: Sparked by controversy over same-sex marriages, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday that would [Read More...]