Bill O’Reilly: Christians leaving the faith because of rap music.

Rush Limbaugh said people are leaving Christianity because they’re being bullied by gay people.  I mean, it’s people who have left religion who are far and away most likely to favor gay rights, so are the bitter ex-Christians embracing their bullies?  That seems to be what Rush thinks is happening: “I hate being bullied by [Read More...]

Limbaugh: Christians on the decline because they’re being bullied by gay people.

Pew recently released data confirming that Christianity is on a massive decline while the religiously unaffiliated are in the ascent at about the same clip, resulting in there being more religiously unaffiliated Americans than Catholics.  Rush Limbaugh believes he has the explanation for this.  It’s not that religions tend to have arbitrary, un-fun rules.  No. [Read More...]

Piano tutorial for viral gospel song “I Am More Determined.”

Before I trot off to teach the young’uns how to sing I need to share this.  This video combines two of my favorite pastimes: laughing at religion and music theory.  Bliss. [Read more...]

Singapore teen arrested and charged for “wounding religious feelings.”

Lee Kuan Yew was Singapore’s first Prime Minister.  He governed up to 1990 and, in March, passed away.  A Singapore teen named Amos Yee took the opportunity to post some inflammatory things on the internet, as many teens are wont to do: Mr. Yee had posted a short video on YouTube titled “Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead!” [Read More...]

Texas Senate passes a bill guaranteeing clergy rights they already had.

Remember, the GOP is the party that hates wasting government resources like, say, time.  So one can only wonder why they are taking the time to pass this measure: The Texas Senate voted overwhelmingly on Monday to allow clergy members to refuse performing marriages that violate their religious beliefs, as top Republicans move to further [Read More...]

Mullah Krekar in Norway says people should be killed for burning the Koran, and much more.

This guy’s a charmer. [Read more...]

Third secular blogger in Bangladesh killed this year.

Another secular blogger in Bangladesh has been hacked to death by a group of men wielding machetes.  This morning Ananta Bijoy Das was slain: Ananta Bijoy Das, a Bangladeshi writer known for advocating science and secularism, was hacked to death by masked men wielding machetes while on his way to work Tuesday morning. Das died instantly [Read More...]

Chairman of Lincoln County BoC won’t let non-Christians pray, wonders what the big deal is with minorities.

The chairman of the Lincoln County board of commissioners in North Carolina recently found out that a federal judge had ruled against the county.  It turns out they were using government time to issue sectarian prayers, inviting people to know Jesus, and blocking out any other religion that wanted to be represented.  Carrol Mitchem, the [Read More...]

The devil went down to Georgia to make a teacher say racist things.

A Georgia educator recently made the mistake of ending her school’s graduation ceremony before the valedictorian was allowed to speak: Footage of the event at TNT Academy showed Gordeuk criticizing crowd members after she mistakenly ended the ceremony before the valedictorian made his speech. Hey, no prob.  Mistakes happen.  Easy fix: “Hey guys, my bad. [Read More...]

Jeb Bush hints he would let his Christianity influence how he governs as President.

When giving the commencement speech at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University Jeb Bush strongly hinted he would not be religiously neutral as President: “I am asked sometimes whether I would ever allow my decisions in government to be influenced by my Christian faith,” Bush told the group of 34,000. “Whenever I hear this, I know what [Read More...]