Religious leader wants to stop the bloodshed in Iraq…by sending bibles.

Michael Marcavage, the director of Repent America, like the rest of us sees the victim of ISIS in Iraq and wishes there was something he could do: Our hearts are deeply grieved by the ongoing devastation in Iraq… Right?  People being slaughtered at the hands of religious fanatics; those who aren’t killed being displaced without [Read More...]

A perfect example of the hysteria the right wing weaves to try and scare people away from LGBT rights.

In Fayetteville, AR there was a city council meeting where they passed a better version of the anti-discrimination ordinance that the Duggars helped get repealed a few months ago.  Muahahahahahahahahaha! This woman spoke at the meeting: So let’s be real: some people watching this will immediately say that woman’s not well.  Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. [Read More...]

Former student athlete sues Delaware State University because coach made church attendance mandatory.

It seems another college coach is using their post to spread their religion: Natalia Mendieta is suing the university, former coach LaKisya Killingsworth and former athletic director Candy Young in U.S. District Court, alleging they violated the First Amendment by requiring religious activities at a publicly funded university. … David Finger, an attorney representing Mendieta, [Read More...]

Catholic Church has the answer to same-sex marriage in Mexico: exorcise the entire country.

High-ranking clergy in the Catholic Church have apparently performed an exorcism on all of Mexico in the wake of legalized same-sex marriage.  Breitbart says: In an extraordinary act of spiritual warfare, several bishops and exorcist priests have performed what is being called a “Magno Exorcismo” (great exorcism) of the entire country of Mexico following a [Read More...]

Catholic Channel at Patheos: Pope is infallible when speaking ex cathedra…but not on global warming!

The Catholic Channel at Patheos is a real hoot.  It’s a stew of your general super conservative talking points which means, to most of them, the consensus of climate scientists isn’t scientific.  However, tomorrow Pope PR is going to release a new encyclical which will label global warming a crisis and urge us to respond [Read More...]

Southern Baptist Convention president says god’s gonna get us for all this gay marriage.

Joe Jervis reports on Ronnie Floyd, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, speaking in Columbus, OH saying something about how brave they are for being the majority trying to shit on people they don’t like: “While some evangelicals may be bowing down to the deception of the inclusiveness of same-sex marriage, we will not bow [Read More...]

Texas town’s mayor can’t see how “Jesus welcomes you to Hawkins” sign violates separation of church and state.

The city of Hawkins, Texas (of course it’s Texas) has put up a sign that might, just might violate the separation of church and state: The debate over a sign on city property that says “Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins” packed a city council meeting on Monday night. The sign, located on U.S. Highway 80 [Read More...]

Pope says kids need heterosexual parents.

Pope PR is back at it.  This last Sunday he told a crowd of 25,000 people a thing or two about how kids need heterosexual parents: “They’re not scared of the differences!” the pope said. “What great richness this diversity is, a diversity which becomes complementary, but also reciprocal. It binds them, one to the [Read More...]

Catholic researchers try to fudge the numbers, but studies show half of Catholic teens leave the fold.

The numbers just keep getting worse.  Some Catholic researchers have tried to say the problem of teens leaving Catholicism as they get into their twenties isn’t so much of a problem by running studies that completely ignore ex-Catholics.  When an honest look is taken at the number of young Catholics vs. the number of defections…well, [Read More...]

Another child dies because parents thought god would be angry if doctors were involved.

A pair of Pennsylvania parents have been arrested for neglecting their child to death in the name of the lord: This week Pennsylvania prosecutors filed charges against Ebed and Christine Delozier, whose 18-month-old daughter Hope died in March, after the couple failed to take the sick baby to a doctor. According to WNEP, the little [Read More...]