Poll in my hometown newspaper: do you believe Christians are being persecuted in America?

There was a poll in my hometown paper this morning that annoyed my whole family.  Maybe you guys have an opinion on the question “Do you believe Christians are being persecuted in America?” Father popped into the comments to give his two cents: I would be interested to hear in what forms this persecution is [Read More...]

Federal court rules that Global Catholic Television Network must cover contraception.

EWTN sued on the presumption that they shouldn’t be bound by the same healthcare laws that bind other companies.  Apparently not giving them an exception to the same laws others must follow is somehow discrimination against them.  Thankfully a federal court has just ruled against them: U.S. District Court Judge Callie V.S. Granade of Mobile [Read More...]

Buddhist officials in Myanmar forging laws that curtail changing religion and interfaith marriage.

When I’m criticizing religion, one of the things I often hear is that if every religion were like Buddhism we’d have no problems.  This is absurd to anybody who has had their thumb to the pulse of global politics in the last decade.  While I can certainly admit that on the whole Buddhism causes fewer [Read More...]

RNS cites 2013 Labor Dept. study: people spend an average of 9 minutes/day on religious activities.

The Religion News Service isolated a part of a 2013 study by the Labor Department to show religious people only spend an average of 9 minutes per day on religious activities.  That includes actually attending church. Time for prayer? Labor Dept. time use survey finds folks average less than 9 minutes a day on religious [Read More...]

County Commissioner in rural Tennessee opposing “In God We Trust” on Local Courthouse.

A County Commissioner is opposing the addition of “In God We Trust” to the Roane County Courthouse in Tennessee: Roane County Commissioner Steve Keller [sic] says he’s been an atheist since he was a teen. “It means I don’t believe in God,” explained Keller. “I don’t have any problem with religion, religion is fine, it [Read More...]

The most religious states aren’t doing so well.

As someone who grew up in the South and who gets to tour the country (so I have a basis for comparison) which includes other parts of the South (where much of my fan base resides), I can assure you that you don’t have to spend too much time in the rural South to see [Read More...]

Pastor scars child by burning him with hot stones in order to expel demons.

In Ghana a pastor and his assistant have been convicted of using hot stones to brutally burn a nine year-old boy in order to expel demons from him: A pastor and his assistant who used heated stones to burn the body of a nine-year-old boy at Mankessim in the Central Region under the pretext of [Read More...]

SCOTUS refuses to hear appeal of a public school that held graduation in a megachurch.

The Elmbrook School District thought this was a suitable setting for a graduation: At the graduations, students received their diplomas underneath an immense Christian cross. Parents and children sat in pews filled with Bibles and hymnals, “Scribble Cards for God’s Little Lambs” and church promotional cards that asked them whether they “would like to know [Read More...]

Stealing glory from our troops.

I saw this today and it made me glare. Way to thank god for what the soldiers do.  You’re not honoring them, you’re crediting someone else for their effort and sacrifice.  Not cool.  If you’re not going to blame god for what criminals do, don’t thank him for what soldiers do. What really pissed me [Read More...]

Pastor John MacArthur: you must alienate gay kids and turn them over to Satan.

A California pastor has said on his show that the answer to gay children is to ostracize them and “hand them over to Satan.”  Here’s the video:   Pastor John MacArthur, host of the Grace to You show, has a solution for the whole gay…thing. Parents struggling to reconcile their faith-based bigotry with the news [Read More...]