Matt Dillahunty might be cured of…something.

Matt Dillahunty posted on facebook last night about an interaction he’d had with someone via email that literally made me laugh out loud.  I thought I’d share. Today’s surprising e-mail: “Matt, I got your contact info from (name redacted). I understand both of you are skeptics of healing by the Holy Spirit. I have offered [Read More...]

Phil Robertson: convert ISIS to Christianity or kill them.

Phil Robertson, the racist, gay-hating, passionate Christian star of Duck Dynasty recently went on Sean Hannity’s show to talk about the ISIS militants in Iraq, who seek to convert or kill apostates of Islam.  Robertson’s solution to this religiously-driven violence?  Convert them to Christianity or kill them: He went on Fox News show Hannity to [Read More...]

Tennessee megachurch pastor won’t repent for opposing same-sex marriage.

Pastor Robby Gallaty of Brainerd Baptist Church in Tennessee just gave a lengthy sermon in which he pledged to not repent for opposing same-sex marriage. “God said that the sins of the people had infected the very land in which they live,” he explained. “So what happens to people who engage in this activity, this [Read More...]

FFRF on what the parsonage exemption costs in terms of education.

You know how you and I pay rent?  Well, many pastors don’t.  Above and beyond the pastor’s ordinary salary, many churches give them an additional housing allowance (which is also not taxable).  Often this is…exorbitant.  How much so?  Here’s a handy infographic: So why take issue with the parsonage exemption when a church could just [Read More...]

“Witch hunter” files hilarious lawsuit against th British Humanist Association.

Helen Ukpabio is a woman who believes herself to be a modern day apostle.  She makes a living traipsing about exorcising demons from children who, demonically, are causing them to act like children.  The British Humanist Association, being skeptics and all, sometimes write about how bunk this is. That isn’t what has gotten Ukpabio’s goat.  [Read More...]

Florida mayor ejects constituent from town meeting for not standing for prayer/pledge.

Below is a video of a town meeting in Winter Garden, Florida where resident Joseph Richardson is kicked out for refusing to stand for a prayer and for the pledge of allegiance. Fucking Christ. First, why is there a prayer at a city council meeting in the first place? Second, the police actually escorted the [Read More...]

Erick Erickson tweets: truth about Christ is irrelevant.

Erick Erickson, who is part of my special twitter feed, retweeted this the other day: I couldn’t find any non-Christian sourcing for the quote, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Dostoevsky actually said it, since he absolutely did say (and believe) that “if everyone were actively Christian, not a single social question would come up … [Read More...]

Secretly recorded video of boy coming out to his parents.

For all the Christians who read this blog, this video should confirm to you why people like me think religion does more evil than good. Before you click play, know that there is pretty harsh abuse present.  Be ready for it.  This is also NSFW. All with constant assurances from the family that they love [Read More...]

Grand Ayatollah issues fatwa against high speed internet.

There are a total of 66 Grand Ayatollahs (also known as Marja) in the world.  Their voices carry tremendous political weight in largely Islamic countries like Iran, where 40 of the 66 reside.  One of them has just issued a fatwa against 3G internet coverage in an attempt to stop Iran’s political leaders from stopping [Read More...]

Youth pastor arrested on child pornography charges.

Pastor Lucas Dillon Brandenberg was, up until recently, a youth pastor at St. Gabriel Episcopal Church in Florida.  For Brandenberg this vocation was the result of getting ever closer with Jesus: In a speech to the 44th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida last year, he explained why he had become a [Read More...]