Skepticon talks: my talk “God Is An Idiot.”

Here’s my talk from Skepticon 7.  Enjoy! [Read more...]

Christian love in my hometown paper’s poll.

Man, some of the locals in Mountain Home do not like that so many people who don’t approve of law-breakers voted in the town paper’s poll the other day.  Some of the locals left some pretty grand comments.  Here’s one from Frank: If all you people would read the original article and learn some reading comprehension. The [Read More...]

Saudi Arabia prohibits Raif Badawi’s sister from traveling abroad.

Many of you have followed the sad case of Raif Badawi: Last year, 30-year-old Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi was punished for starting a progressive website that called for, among other things, religious tolerance and women’s rights. That was insulting to Islam, said his critics. He was sentenced at the time to seven years in prison and 600 [Read More...]

Bill Donohue: atheists are literally insane and live shorter lives.

Bill Donohue, the leader of the Catholic League and a man who once feverishly spread the message that condoms increase the rate of AIDS transmission, has a new message: Because if you don’t believe a Canaanite Jew walked on water, rose from the dead, and speaks to you in your head it must be you [Read More...]

“What does that say about your religion?”

Someone upset that I’m paying so much attention to a clear and obvious (and clearly and obviously illegal) bit of discrimination reared her head on my facebook: It’s so frustrating trying to have a discussion with someone who won’t frame the issue fairly.  Like playing soccer with someone who just keeps trying to hide the [Read More...]

AHA brings a lawsuit against Georgia public school for proselytizing through its sports/band programs.

A public high school in Georgia is about to face a lawsuit after it refused to stop using school programs to spread Christianity: The lawsuit is being brought on behalf of local citizens, including the mother of a child in the school system. Coaches at Chestatee High School have regularly led student football players in [Read More...]

After a long fight, Satanic Temple will get a holiday display in the Florida capitol.

Last year the Satanic Temple wanted to put up a display of its own in the Florida capitol building, alongside the nativity scene and displays of other religions.  Their display used a lot of images straight out of the bible, including a bible verse: The proposed display is a diorama that depicts an angel falling [Read More...]

Christian group seeking funds to open McDonald’s in church

Just when you thought the intersection of religion and consumerism couldn’t get any worse, there is a group called ‘the McMass Project’ that is trying to raise $1 million to open up a McDonald’s chain in a church.   On their crowd-funding page, the group claims the following:   In the US alone, 3 million people [Read More...]

Debate (Do the findings of science entail that Christianity is false?): my second rebuttal.

Here is my second rebuttal. My opening. John’s opening. My first rebuttal. John’s first rebuttal. On Lepp’s opening salvo about the burden of proof, his first premise in his argument is “‘Falsifiable’ means ‘can be proven false.’”  I showed precisely what I meant in my first rebuttal: If you calculate that a rock dropped from 10′ [Read More...]

Arizona pastor: the cure for AIDS is exterminating gay people.

In a sermon titled “AIDS: the Judgement of God” (his misspelling of judgment, not mine), Tempe pastor Steven Anderson says his god of love has the solution for AIDS (a final solution, if you will): In the sermon, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday from Faithful Word Baptist Church, Pastor Steven Anderson said that God [Read More...]