Judge strikes down Utah’s anti gay marriage law. Mormons become sad pandas.

Booyah! A federal judge struck down Utah’s same-sex marriage ban Friday in a decision that brings a nationwide shift toward allowing gay marriage to a conservative state where the Mormon church has long been against it. The Salt Lake County clerk’s office started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Deputy Clerk Dahnelle Burton-Lee said the [Read More...]

Father on Duck Dynasty’s ex-star Phil Robertson’s “freedom of speech.”

So you may have heard that the star of a reality show based around what a down home yokul he is said some very hateful things about gay people.  As a result, he was fired from the show.  Well this has the South up in a tizzy about how persecuted this poor Christian man is.  [Read More...]

About 1% of pregnant women in the US claim to be virgins.

It turns out that pregnant women claiming to be virgins isn’t that rare even today: Nearly 1 per cent of young women in a U.S. study who have become pregnant claim to have done so as virgins, according to a report in the Christmas edition of Britain’s BMJ medical journal. The authors of “Like a [Read More...]

NY State Senator Andrew Lanza is dying to be persecuted.

You’ve probably heard by now that a state senator out of New York, Andrew Lanza, has griped about the American Atheists Times Square billboard on his official page.  Let’s just hop right in: The controversial activist group unveiled its latest anti-Christmas ad this week in Times Square along with a press release declaring that “Christmas [Read More...]

Pastor fights to maintain affiliation to a church whose commands he knows to be immoral.

Pastor Frank Schaefer defied the Methodist church last month when he said he would perform a gay wedding and then followed up on it, despite threats from the church to strip him of his credentials.  Well, the church has followed up as well, but Schaefer has refused to part with them willingly.  Good on him, [Read More...]

Thank god we’re right.

In response to the American Atheists billboard in Times Square, Answers in Genesis (a group aptly named if the question is “How do scientists not say the universe was created?”) put up one of their own.  Then Fox News uploaded it to their facebook. Who rejoices in that?  Who blesses the fates for a being [Read More...]

Russian actor who ran for president wants to put gays in oven.

Just read this story and it made me boggle at what religion can do to a mind: A Russian actor best known for announcing a run for his country’s presidency two years ago has stated that he would like to put all gay people “in the oven”. Ivan Okhlobystin, a popular star with fiercely conservative [Read More...]

A gift to William Lane Craig: the obvious.

William Lane Craig has an opinion article fittingly posted at Fox News.  It’s titled “A Christmas gift for atheists — five reasons why God exists.”  I read it.  If it is a gift, it’s the kind that’s worth less than the time it would take to return it for a refund. Let’s just dive right [Read More...]

Christopher Hitchens: “If you want to be awe inspired…”

I miss this man. [Read more...]

ESPN reverses decision, will air Christian ad.

In ESPN’s guidelines is a passage that reads: “ESPN does not accept advertising that consists of, in whole or in part, political or religious advocacy or issue-oriented advertising.” And written in invisible ink right afterward is the phrase “…unless Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, and their ilk complain enough.”  ESPN initially rejected an ad for SSM [Read More...]