Lying to look like a martyr defeats the purpose.

The Liberty Counsel has a problem: they’re committed to the message that Christians, which make up the majority of our population, are put upon.  The problem is that Christians in the United States actually enjoy a bunch of special privileges.  This is like being committed to defending stuffed crust pizza as health food. But rather [Read More...]

Priest claims to be getting text messages from a demon.

When you think about it, human beings conceive of technology and science for our inability to use magic.  I mean, if we could apparate do you think we’d have even bothered to invent airplanes?  But apparently demons are the exact opposite.  Though they have the power to communicate directly and to affect real magical malice [Read More...]

Diocese of Milwaukee just can’t spare the money for legal fees.

The arch diocese of Milwaukee is having a rough decade.  Most of it stems from Timothy Dolan, who was in the running to be the next pope, shuffling around child-raping priests.  The diocese was then sued by several of the victims and, in order to protect the money (i.e., to avoid compensating the victims), Dolan [Read More...]

The gay agenda is about kicking out everybody who won’t have sex with everyone else. Thanks Pat Robertson!

Oh, you thought they were anti-discrimination laws implemented only to make sure minorities aren’t treated like shit by the majority?  Well think again!  They’re actually laws set up specifically to make society dangerous and to set it up for the judgment of god.  These laws aren’t just saying “If you want to discriminate, you need [Read More...]

Response to Mark Sandlin’s article in TIME about wanting Christianity back.

Mark Sandlin of Patheos got himself an article published in TIME.  First thing’s first, congrats to Mark.  That’s an honor few writers achieve.  Now for some of the reasons I think his article missed the mark.  Mark writes about the baggage liberal Christians must put up with since Christianity has become associated with discrimination, scientific [Read More...]

University of Kansas to teach creationism course…my kind of creationism course.

::EDIT:: This is what I get for not checking the date on articles people send me.  This is from 2005.  Derp. ::/EDIT:: The University of Kansas is making a wonderful move to oppose creationism in a state that desperately needs it: A course being offered next semester by the university religious studies department is titled [Read More...]

Seven year-old and her sister murdered over “blasphemous” facebook posts.

Pakistan…where the moral considerations of religion are given more power than compassion.  It is a place where the notion of “Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain” is taken very seriously; deathly seriously. A Pakistani mob killed a woman member of a religious sect and two of her granddaughters after a sect member [Read More...]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson responds to Ken Ham’s call to stop the search for alien life.

NDT is the man.  Consider this a second morning happiness…we’ll need it today: [Read more...]

Satanists to use Hobby Lobby decision to fight anti-abortion laws.

I love the Church of Satan.  You can quote me on that. Everything the religious right tries to use “religious liberty” to do?  The Church of Satan use the same definition of “religious liberty” to do the opposite.  Funnily, the religious right’s support of “religious liberty” evaporates pretty quick when it’s someone else doing it. [Read More...]

AiG seeks tax incentives from the state of Kentucky for Noah’s Ark theme park.

Ok, I know I said I’m taking a personal day, and I am, but there are two more things I have to post (and the next one won’t take but a minute).  But first this. Answers in Genesis want to build a theme park in Kentucky to evangelize to mostly children, since it turns out [Read More...]