Corrections officer in Alabama threatens the life of atheist activist. Police don’t seem to care.

The city of Mobile, Alabama is considering putting the words “In God We Trust” on the city’s administration building.  You may wonder what kind of message that sends to any atheists walking its halls.  They might ask “Are we atheists a part of “we”?”  Well, if you don’t trust in god, apparently not. So Amanda [Read More...]

Kevin Sorbo (from God’s Not Dead) rants at atheists. Father responds.

Kevin Sorbo played the ridiculous caricature of an atheist foil in the movie God’s Not Dead (which has been torn apart by plenty, but none so thoroughly as Dan Fincke).  Sorbo just took to the Conservative Tribune to rant on atheists. It turns out that Kevin Sorbo is definitely not a philosopher, despite playing a [Read More...]

Guest post by American Atheists VP Kathleen Johnson rebutting Todd Starnes and Navy bibles.

My education is in music and my expertise is in debate, but there are so many things and areas where, at best, I’m a well-informed layman.  So I bring in experts like Anne Orsi (a lawyer who occasionally blogs on legal stuffs) or Christina Stephens to blog on science. Which leads me to an exciting [Read More...]

Texas court rules you can’t absolve your children of education for religious reasons.

This is a big win for Americans United as well as for children everywhere in Texas: Texas families do not have a religious freedom right to home-school absolutely free of any regulation, a state court of appeals ruled last week. The decision is a setback for Michael and Laura McIntyre, who removed their nine children [Read More...]

Pennsylvania bakery refused to sell wedding cake to lesbian couple. Owner “knows” she’s doing right.

Pennsylvania is a bit weird with regards to the LGBT.  It allows same-sex marriage, but has no legal protections in place for LGBT people: Pennsylvania is the only state where it is legal for same-sex couples to marry, but where there are no legal protections whatsoever for sexual orientation and gender identity. Statewide, there is [Read More...]

James Dobson: I’ve never said anything disparaging about gay people in my life.

It’s not that he’s lying, it’s just that he’s confused disparaging untruths with love.  On his radio show “Family Talk” (where I can only imagine they talk about how to stop people from forming families) Dobson recently said he’s never said anything disparaging about gay people in his life: This obviously struck me as strange, [Read More...]

Andrew Seidel on ending Christian privilege.

The FFRF is on a roll lately, and one of their attorneys, Andrew Seidel, just wrote a spectacular piece about how Fox News treats Christian privilege.  The FFRF just won another big victory, this time forcing the Navy to remove bibles from guest rooms at naval hotels.  Of course, Fox News thinks this is a [Read More...]

On the idea that Robin Williams’ problem was lack of Jesus.

Michaelyn saw a post by one of her facebook friends that made her almost vomit.  She sent it to me and I post it here because it’s not the only one like it I’ve seen, not by a long shot: That is all…smiley face.  And other Christians rush in to like it. Who knew that [Read More...]

Matt Staver goes full Godwin on marriage equality.

Matt Staver is the head of Liberty Counsel and dean of the Liberty University School of Law, and he really doesn’t like the idea of marriage equality.  In a Radio America interview yesterday he said that Christians and Republicans who stay silent on the subject are just like those who gave their tacit consent in [Read More...]

Matt Barber: Conservatives should use civil disobedience to fight gay marriage.

Matt Barber is fed up with gay people not letting him run their private lives, and he thinks it’s time for his 78% majority of citizens to adopt the tactics of heroic minority movements of the past: civil disobedience. During an interview on REEL Talk, Barber said that “we are going to reach a point [Read More...]