Mississippi businesses protest anti-gay bill.

It’s the age old battle: all-powerful god vs. the almighty dollar.  It’s a battle god has never won. In Mississippi they are attempting to pass a bill not unlike the one that Gov. Jan Brewer recently vetoed in Arizona: one that would allow businesses an exemption from discrimination laws if the discrimination was born of [Read More...]

Poll tells us that millennials are less religious. w00t!

Good news on the polling front! Barely half of millennials say they look to religion for guidance, but a higher percentage “talk to God,” suggesting that the 18-to-34 demographic is more spiritual than sectarian, according to a new survey by the Integrated Innovation Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. The survey of 2,000 U.S. men and [Read More...]

David Silverman drops the hammer in open letter to Brandeis University.

You’ve probably heard by now, but Brandeis University derped a bit.  A lot.  They are the super-massive black hole at the center of a derp universe.  They invited Ayaan Hirsi Ali to address their 2014 graduates and said they would bestow upon her an honorary degree.  If you don’t know anything about Ali, google her.  The [Read More...]

My morals.

I cannot tell you how often I’ve had this conversation with people like Matt Dillahunty and other public atheists who know the bible. Christians love the converted public atheist narrative.  You also only need to be able to play 5-6 chords, not necessarily in different keys, and have maybe an octave and a half singing [Read More...]

Jon Stewart rips Christians upset about the Noah movie. It seems those Christians didn’t exactly read the bible…

They demand more bible movies, and then when those movies too closely adhere to the bible, they’re pissed.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook Did you know this movie was not a documentary?  For shame. [Read more...]

Philippine court upholds the legality of contraception bill. Catholic Church makes sad faces.

There’s a sad issue in the Philippines: One in five women of reproductive age in the Philippines has an unmet family planning need, the UN Population Fund says, leading to unintended pregnancies. The population is growing by 1.7 percent a year, compared with 1.1 percent for the world as a whole, according to a 2013 [Read More...]

Tom Gilson wants to play with me. :)

I wrote a post in refutation of the editors of the new book True Reason in which they seek to defend Christianity.  They wanted questions from readers of the Friendly Atheist and I thought their answers…sucked.  Now Gilson has written a response to me.  He accuses me of misunderstanding him (maybe those parts were just [Read More...]

Justin Welby: the Church of England accepting gay marriage will lead to the mass murder of Christians.

Sometimes a claim is made that is so logically incoherent, so stark raving mad in composition, so inherently contemptuous of the notion of cause and effect, that a rebuttal cannot even apply to it.  This claim, by the Archbishop of Canturbury, is what I’m talking about: African Christians will be killed if the Church of [Read More...]

This message must have been real important. Let me help spread it.

When my friend Edwin Kagin died I handled it in the way I have for years: I sat down and I wrote.  It’s my catharsis.  I recounted what an admirable man Edwin Kagin was as that was what I could think about in the wake of his death. I didn’t check the comments for day [Read More...]

Hemant is more optimistic about the reaction to Christian law-breakers than I.

First: thanks everybody for being so patient with light and short content this week.  It’s hell week for Reasonfest so…yeah.  :P Second: Hemant wrote a post today about Carroll County (Maryland) Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier.  You see,  they’ve been opening their board meetings with sectarian prayers to Jesus.  Just last week the AHA won a suit [Read More...]