Tennessee Governor declares day of prayer over students.

Tennessee’s Governor, Bill Haslem, has declared a day of prayer over students in Tennessee.  This day was yesterday, when volunteers were urged to go to campuses and pray in order to help education in the state.  Unsurprisingly, today education in the state is exactly the same.  So education wasn’t helped, which I would tell the people [Read More...]

Mary’s Diner may start the praying in public discount back up (includes poll that needs crushing).

Lately the internet has been abuzz with the story of the North Carolina diner that was offering people a 15% discount for praying in public.  I say “was” because the Freedom From Religion Foundation pointed out to them that this was discrimination.  You can’t charge people more based on their religious position.  It’s against the law, [Read More...]

The Buddy Pope…Catholic Church has officially killed satire.

I was pointed toward this tweet from the Religion News Service this morning: While Catholics protested the movie Dogma, it seems they’re taking some cues from it now: Satire is dead.  Get your Buddy Pope keychains!  Now who’s up for a miracle? Getting married to another man?  Get ready to burn in hell, buddy.  Don’t [Read More...]

20 short arguments against god’s existence.

This video by Hemant made me smile.  My favorite was “no game of hide and seek lasts this long.” As for “god would smite me right now,” nooooo…that’s too easy for atheists such as we.  We don’t get out that painlessly.  We have to listen to shitty arguments for god’s existence for the rest of [Read More...]

Because he was gay, Tampa church renegs on promise to bury a man.

A church scheduled to bury a gay man called his mother, literally at the wake, 24 hours before he was to be buried to say they couldn’t inter him because he was gay: Pastor T.W. Jenkins of Tampa, Florida’s New Hope Missionary Baptist Church called Julie Atwood less than 24 hours before her 42-year old son, [Read More...]

Liberia’s president and church leaders blame gays for Ebola outbreak.

While the CDC and all the world’s leading scientists have yet to track down the source of the Ebola outbreak, religious leaders in Liberia have apparently succeeded: the source is god, and we should keep worshiping him because he’s only killing people at random because somewhere in the world men are getting other men off. [Read More...]

Jaclyn Glenn on S.E. Cupp’s claim that conservative atheists are better.

Gajillions of people sent me the video clip of S.E. Cupp claiming conservative atheists are better.  I would rebut it, but Jaclyn owns it: [Read more...]

President and CEO of massive Baptist convention center arrested for trying to have sex with a dog.

Two days ago, Missouri police arrested a man for soliciting sex with a dog. The Boone County Sheriff’s Department Cyber Crimes Task Force on Tuesday arrested a 56-year-old Camden County man after he allegedly used the Internet to try to find a dog to have sex with. Jerald L. Hill of the 500 block of [Read More...]

Pastor Rick Wiles: Ebola could solve atheism, homosexuality, promiscuity, porn, and abortion.

Man, it must be great to be a Christian and to be able to see the silver lining even in a tragedy like the more than 1,000 people killed by the Ebola outbreak.  Just ask Pastor Rick Wiles: Speaking on his radio show on Tuesday, Wiles said, “Now this Ebola epidemic can become a global [Read More...]

After school shootings, preachers being invited into public school for “comfort.”

Let’s be honest: evangelists know their optimal targets are not content, intelligent adults.  That’s why they go into prisons, or to the bedside of dying people.  It’s why they put so much emphasis on convincing children who cannot yet distinguish between fiction and fact (see belief in Santa Claus).  It’s insidious, but it’s what they [Read More...]