Your morning happiness: gay marriage in Illinois!

The frowns of religious conservatives and Tea Partiers everywhere droop a little lower this morning.  Yesterday the nation took another step toward its inevitable future: a time when prejudice against gay people, no matter how clearly commanded in scripture, is considered as grandiose an exhibit of  arbitrary hatred and lack of compassion as racism.  Illinois [Read More...]

Texas student suspended for tearing pages from his bible.

Isaiah Smith, a Texas high school student, was getting bullied by other Christian students on account of his homosexuality (shocking, right?  There’s that Christianity making people better human beings again).  He was taunted by these students by being told he was going to hell for his sin.  Isaiah had a perfectly reasonable reaction – he [Read More...]

Parents who beat their child to death to obey god get maximum sentences.

Two years ago I wrote about two parents who beat their child to death following the child rearing advice from the book To Train Up A Child.  The authors of this book have no formal training in child psychology whatsoever, but they believe they have an ancient book containing the will of the wisest being [Read More...]

Study: atheists get divorced less than deeply religious couples.

A study released by the Barna Group has revealed that deeply religious/conservative couples are more likely to get divorced: According to a study conducted by the Barna Research Group, divorce rates are higher among “Bible-believing” Baptists and nondenominational Christians. Divorce rates are lower among the more liberal Methodists, and even lower among atheists. The study [Read More...]

Sam Harris responds to Islamic “peace” conference.

A few days ago I posted a video from an Islamic “peace” conference where a room full of people affirmed support for positively inhuman moral edicts on account of their faith.  The speaker was offended, calling it racism, that people would suggest that these people represented only the minority of Muslims.  Sam Harris’ response is [Read More...]

Bill Donahue insults David Silverman’s intelligence, then says a bunch of stupid things.

Bill Donahue is an asshole.  Here’s video proof: And here we go.  Donahue says… “Intelligent people, what we do…” Bear in mind, the slight on Silverman’s intelligence is coming from a guy who believes a willingness to burn a person for all of eternity because they were unconvinced a guy rose from the dead amounts [Read More...]

Richard Jeffress speaks loudly on CNN.

Amanda Knief, superstar spokesperson for American Atheists, went on CNN yesterday to talk about the prayer case from Greece, NY that’s going to the Supreme Court.  For those of you not following that case, here’s a quick rundown: The case being argued at the court Wednesday involves prayers said at the start of town council [Read More...]

Think Islam isn’t a problem? What say you about this whole female genital mutilation thing?

Look, every time I make a post about a group of Muslims who read about their violent, sexist, or otherwise wicked acts being justified in the Koran, then had that reinforced by culture their entire lives, people always rush in to say that these are extremists (and presumably so are the cultures that reinforced them) [Read More...]

Thoughts on the soup kitchen that denied atheist volunteers.

First, Hemant wrote a great piece on this.  But now it’s my turn. I saw this story while I was on the road and was so pissed I couldn’t immediately write about it.  Mostly I was just so pissed.  The Upstate Atheists in Spartanburg, SC wanted to volunteer at the local soup kitchen.  Sadly, the [Read More...]

Joe the Plumber: the Democrats are racist!

Joe the Plumber put up a tweet the other day accusing the Democrats of racism (in which he used an image from the site of conservative writer Kevin Jackson).  Yes, a die-hard Republican accused someone else of racism. Samuel “Joe The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, the conservative activist and failed Ohio congressional candidate who rose to prominence [Read More...]