After school shootings, preachers being invited into public school for “comfort.”

Let’s be honest: evangelists know their optimal targets are not content, intelligent adults.  That’s why they go into prisons, or to the bedside of dying people.  It’s why they put so much emphasis on convincing children who cannot yet distinguish between fiction and fact (see belief in Santa Claus).  It’s insidious, but it’s what they [Read More...]

Bill Donohue: CNN can’t criticize Catholic Church because their executives make millions.

There’s been an article from CNN making its way around the intertubes lately about how many top Catholic officials live in a fashion reminiscent of Baptist megapastors, i.e. lavishly.  VERY lavishly (as usual, Hemant has a great write-up).  There are presently 34 archbishops in the United States.  Of the 34, 10 live in a house [Read More...]

Pastor Rick Scarborough: god would be justified in dropping nuclear bomb on America because we have gay ambassadors.

The people that look to this man for guidance are likely largely skeptical of scientists.  Let that sink in for a minute. Why do religious fundamentalists get a reputation for being dumb?  It’s because if you took the suit off that pastor and put him on a street corner instead of in a multi-million dollar [Read More...]

Peter LaBarbera: god’s wrath coming to Sears.

Sears recently participated in Chicago’s gay pride parade.  According to Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (an organization that spreads opinions that contradict those of every medical and psychological body in the developed world, so the name’s kind of ironic) this is going to move god to take a break from watching murderers, [Read More...]

House Rep. from Mississippi sends a bible to every member of Congress.

A House Republican from Mississippi, Steven Palazzo, recently sent a bible to every member of Congress to “help guide them in their decision-making.” A Republican congressman recently sent a copy of the Holy Bible to every member of Congress “to help guide you in your decision-making,” according to a letter obtained by TPM. Rep. Steven [Read More...]

Another spectacular deconstruction of God’s Not Dead on Patheos.

Can something be dead if it never existed in the first place?  Boom.  Philosophy. Speaking of philosophy, Dan Fincke has penned what I think are the greatest rebuttals to the piece of exceedingly low-hanging fruit that is the movie God’s Not Dead.  It’s literally a movie produced for people who want to be lied to.  [Read More...]

American Family Association: we must push gays back into the closet.

Sometimes I just want to go through a press release by the American Family Association and just write my thoughts to every line.  This is one of those times. It is sometimes difficult for Christians to comprehend the breathtaking speed with which the gay movement has succeeded in America. I can imagine.  They say they [Read More...]

Dan Popp: god wants us to impeach Obama.

What are impeachment advocates to do?  The polls show that Americans don’t want Obama impeached, so what’s the best way to convince them?  Could you lay out your gripes in an organized fashion attempting to convince them with reason?  Well, you could; but what if reason doesn’t favor you?  In that case you could change [Read More...]

Lying to look like a martyr defeats the purpose.

The Liberty Counsel has a problem: they’re committed to the message that Christians, which make up the majority of our population, are put upon.  The problem is that Christians in the United States actually enjoy a bunch of special privileges.  This is like being committed to defending stuffed crust pizza as health food. But rather [Read More...]

Priest claims to be getting text messages from a demon.

When you think about it, human beings conceive of technology and science for our inability to use magic.  I mean, if we could apparate do you think we’d have even bothered to invent airplanes?  But apparently demons are the exact opposite.  Though they have the power to communicate directly and to affect real magical malice [Read More...]