Eight people sentenced to three years in jail for attending a gay wedding in Egypt.

Two months ago I wrote about how nine people were arrested in Egypt when video surfaced that they had attended a gay wedding.  If you want some clear insight as to how religion can corrupt the moral sense of entire societies, here it is: Egypt has arrested seven men for taking part in a gay wedding [Read More...]

Rebecca Hamilton: “Critics of Christianity don’t help those in need.”

Rebecca Hamilton has hit an all-time low, giving shark shit at the bottom of the ocean a run for its money in terms of lowness.  She did it in a post titled “The Difference is Jesus: Christian Medical Missions in India.” Christians, unlike their critics, build hospitals and schools, go on missions to help those in [Read More...]

So long, Mars Hill, and thanks for all the fish.

In the wake of Mark Driscoll’s resigning in shame, Mars Hill is about to dissolve its empire and let each of its churches go their separate ways: Marking its own Reformation Day of sorts, Mars Hill Church will dissolve Mark Driscoll’s multisite network and let each of its remaining 13 churches go their own way. [Read More...]

It’s like law-breaking churches want to lose the tax-exempt status.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State recently sent out 84,000 letters reminding various churches, Christian and non-Christian, that the law forbids them from endorsing particular candidates and particular political action. We merely want houses of worship to follow the rules, stay out of partisan politics and keep their tax exemption. And when we [Read More...]

Sixth North Carolina magistrate resigns rather than perform gay weddings.

Bill Stevenson makes the 6th magistrate in North Carolina who apparently got into the public servant gig to serve part of the public, not all of the public. “I prayed about it; I asked for wisdom. I think our hearts have been led away by the cares of the world, our desires, and ultimately, our intense [Read More...]

17 new Twin Cities priests identified as child rapists.

The archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul has had a bit of a problem with its priests raping children trusted to the Church’s care.  37 in total had substantiated claims of sexual abuse levied against them, and now that number has jumped to 55: The Twin Cities archdiocese and the law offices of Jeff Anderson issued a [Read More...]

Christian destroys 10 commandments monument, Rebecca Hamilton finds a way to cry persecution.

More weeping of persecution from fellow Patheos blogger Rebecca Hamilton.  This time it was in response to the destruction of the Oklahoma 10 commandments monument, in which she implies the destruction of the OK 10 commandments monument is an example of another “attack” on religious iconography: The monument has been the subject of attacks from all over the [Read More...]

Mob protects a gay man from assault in a Texas airport.

An altercation recently took place in a Texas airport when a Texas citizen assaulted a man he believed to be gay: This is the airport at Dallas Fort-Worth, if you can’t tell by the assaulter’s accent and the prevalence of twelve-gallon hats.  This is why, when the guy at the end says this man needs [Read More...]

Woman arrested after claiming Jesus would pay for her dinner.

A woman was recently treated to a dinner date at an Oklahoma El Chico.  However, the story turned sad when her deadbeat husband skipped out on paying the bill. The woman, identified at Kristi Rhines, visited the Mexican restaurant El Chico in Lawton and ordered several drinks and a meal. When the bill came, Rhines [Read More...]

Man who drove a car into the Oklahoma ten commandments monument is a Christian.

Immediately after the news hit that someone wrecked a car into the ten commandments monument on the Oklahoma capitol building many people, including many atheists (like myself and Hemant), assumed the perpetrator was an atheist.  Then, when Michael Tate Reed Jr. was arrested and said that Satan told him to do it, the atheists corrected [Read More...]